The flower of youth blooms in the “Epidemic” line (10)

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In the epidemic prevention and control front line active such a group of young figures, some of them just joined the work, some of the industry’s outstanding, in the epidemic attack, they happen to come forward, without hesitation to the front line, do their best, brave as the vanguard, write a stirring youth song.During the epidemic period, Yuan Changping, secretary of the Youth League Branch of Luanzhou Veterans Affairs Bureau, served as the first secretary of the temporary Party Branch of epidemic Prevention and control in Luanzhou Jinchenglijing Community. Although he was the youngest temporary Party branch secretary, his work was not immature. He conscientiously performed his duties.To assist luanhe Sub-district Working Committee and Yonganli Community Party organizations in the prevention and control of COVID-19.Since taking office as the first secretary, Yuan Changping led the temporary Party branch team, to do a good job in the Jinchenglijing community supplies, nucleic acid test order maintenance, floating residents dissuasion, community card point on duty, care for key special groups, party members volunteer service publicity and other work.He presided over the research, formulation and implementation of the community’s Purchase and Distribution Measures for Supplies and Daily Necessities and Implementation Measures for Receiving and Persuading Supplies and Daily Necessities to Be Returned, strictly implementing all epidemic prevention and control measures required by the detailed prevention and control department, and maximizing the normal life needs of residents in the community during the epidemic containment period.Through strengthening the control of the entrance card point, effectively guarding the “north gate” of the community, firmly guarding the first line of defense for personnel and materials to enter the community;By strengthening the dissuasion and persuasion control of floating residents in the community, implementing measures such as giving priority to sampling of students in online courses and time-sharing nucleic acid testing, the number of “loitering” people in the community has been greatly reduced, contributing youth power to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Xing Wang, a young volunteer, has been taking part in volunteer service in Jinchenlijing Community since the outbreak. He can always be seen driving an electric tricycle and delivering supplies in the community, no matter it is blue sky or light rain.One day when it rained, the same group of comrades found a piece of plastic cloth, wanted to give Xing Wang covered, but he put the plastic cloth on the owner to buy the goods, rather than their own wet, after the completion of the distribution, the shoes were already wet.Xing Wang starts delivery at around 3 PM every day, and is usually busy for more than 3 hours.But he remained firm: “For us in Lijing, insurance is a big deal.It is related to the rations of the whole family. No matter how hard and tired we volunteers are, we should not miss a single one!”Before 7 am, he went to the nucleic acid testing site to maintain order. At noon, he did not have time to rest. He wore volunteer red and stood guard at the gate of the community.Young volunteer Jiang Dandan, a college student from Yanshan University, joined the volunteer team immediately after she could not return to school due to the prevention and control requirements.In the morning, she stuck to the nucleic acid test sampling site for the masses to register information, maintain the scene order, issued epidemic prevention proposals;In the afternoon and evening, she had to write her graduation thesis and finish her studies.She said: “The real courage is not” fearless “, but “do something”, as college students, we may not be professionals, no professional knowledge reserve, but we are young, is a new generation.We need to take responsibility, and we can do our bit to contribute our youth to winning the battle against the epidemic.”Liu Jie, a young volunteer, is a teacher in Luanzhou New City Kindergarten.When the epidemic suddenly hit, she actively responded to the call and applied to join the volunteer publicity editor team of epidemic prevention and control, mainly responsible for the publicity and reporting work of the temporary Party branch.Although her baby is just one month old and still breastfeeding, as a young Communist party member, she did not hesitate to join the organization to publicize typical deeds of epidemic prevention and control work in the community, gather strength and create a strong atmosphere of “uniting as one and overcoming the epidemic”.As the city quickly implemented controls, she was the only one at home to look after the baby.However, despite the tiredness of taking care of the baby every day, she asked herself to arrange the content of the day into text and video until early in the morning.More than 20 propaganda articles were reviewed, edited and distributed, and the video “Walking on the Road against the epidemic” was collected and forwarded by Luanzhou Party Construction.(source: veterans affairs Yuan Changping) END like this article — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –, editor in chief: pku | editor: round and round