The mother of a “protogamer” dies and you’re pumping gold?Fake! Don’t be fooled!

2022-07-22 0 By

Hello guys, welcome to the Game channel of Thousand Rides.I’m sure many of you will be as shocked as I am when you read the title of this article. If it is true, it is truly shocking.Let’s talk about the cause of the incident. In recent two days, I have seen similar screenshots in many places. It seems that the “original god player” posted the shipment of his card in QQ space, and said that his relatives passed away and used his “luck” on the card.Send two messages every few hours in a day, you don’t make up the story is quite true, maybe some people think his family really accident is rescuing, but the “player” talk content how can not leave the card…What do you think? It’s all cross-dressing, right?What exactly is this guy made of? Don’t worry, let’s read on.Some netizens searched his QQ id, and his nickname and avatar have been changed, but the content in qzone is still responding to many real players’ doubts about his identity.Single look at the QQ number is also a YXH look, a string of beautiful number (and did not say beautiful number bad meaning), but a lot of YXH are so.I also went to search this QQ number directly, now the nickname and avatar changed a wave, and the space was also sealed because of violations.But I also found the photos of “mother rescue” and some game screenshots he posted in QQ space before, which confirmed that he was lying.The ingredients are mostly eye-catching YXH or cross-black for the game.These screenshots are all stolen from other news agencies, game screenshots are mostly network maps and bought new numbers.Let’s just say that some people go to great lengths to get more attention and deliberately hack some games.Actually that existed before the original god, as long as to take up the rhythm, stir up the contradiction between people, they will appear, such as cause gender xx the mother gave birth to the child, her husband has been looking at the phone “, such as brand paradox “X m users did things”, deliberately put the two illogical things linked together,Stigmatize the target.Rather than targeting the original gods, these people are what I prefer to call “Internet black products”, of course, in the eyes of normal players are clowns.I have also seen similar video: “you don’t let me fill the original god is”, and the previous king of Glory rhythm “grandpa died draw Wu Zetian”, WE do not know whether there is that interest related.I hope you regular players can be rational and just play your own game, don’t you think?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and if you can, send a note to the thousandfold, I’m not YXH!!OK, I’ll see you in the next article!