To refuse means to dislike?These 3 kinds of behavior of the girl, seem to refuse actually is hint

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Background received a lot of boy messages, whether the initiative to pursue girls or dating, feel a little confused about the girl’s mind, do not know whether the other party in the end like yourself, next should take the initiative or give up early, is very confused.Today is for everyone to look at the girl at the time of mating, there will be some of the mental state, sometimes she refused to do not represent don’t like you, have a plenty of temptation, have a plenty of benefit for you, still have plenty of insecurities, herself in the struggle, if by this time the boy to give up easily, it is really a pity, missed a love in vain.Here is an analysis of the three situations in which a girl rejects you, but does not mean she does not like you.First, rejection is for your own good.When some boys in the first met, more romantic or considers for girls, meeting with bunch of flowers, to know a few days to send a small gift, girls commuters, it is the boy to the performance of a gentleman, but a lot more inside collect, slow girl will feel guilty to each other, they can’t pay the same amount of time, in the face of boys pay again,Subconsciously, they avoid and reject.After all, just met, two people are not enough to know, can not judge the other party in a short time is not the person they want, do not want to blindly accept each other’s mind, in case later found inappropriate how to return this pay?That’s what a lot of girls really think.Therefore, at the beginning of the boy’s acquaintance, pay should also take into account the girl’s idea, can not bring too much pressure to her, otherwise she just want to refuse to escape.Second, the pace of progress was overwhelming her.If a guy is warm and direct, but a girl is slow to warm up, her rejection of you may not be because she doesn’t like you as a person, but because she doesn’t like your way of dealing with you. At this time, you need to distinguish between her rejection of some suggestions you put forward, or she doesn’t reply to your messages at all.If in doubt, gently ask your partner if you’re her type, and if so, slow down.If the other person simply doesn’t think you’re her type, you can basically give up.Third, test your patience.After all, two people just know each other, and neither of them know each other well. The early stage is a process of deepening understanding. Boys may pay more attention to the results, while girls pay more attention to the process.Boys think you like me to be my girlfriend I can be good to you ah, but girls think you are not good to me how can I be your girlfriend, this is the difference between men and women thinking.It looks like she’s rejecting you, but it’s really testing your patience to see if you really like her.A girl will only test your heart if she is interested in you. Once you are sure of your feelings, your relationship will grow by leaps and bounds, so guys don’t have to worry.As long as she doesn’t explicitly say, “You’re not my type, we’re not suitable,” that’s a sign that she’s into you, except for the aquaman who’s dangling you.