5 differences between owning a male cat and a female cat. Who would you choose?

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Before raising a cat, many people will consider a lot of aspects, such as the breed of the cat, the sex of the cat and so on, so what is the male cat and female cat?Today, let’s talk about the five differences between owning a male cat and a female cat. After watching this, who would you choose?In terms of personality, male cats are more active and energetic. They are more likely to stick to their owners. They will follow their owners when they do anything and stay with their owners all the time.Female cats: they are more stable, so they are more cold. Female cats are generally less clingy. Even when their owners are at home, they don’t often seek their owners and are very independent.Physical appearance: Male cats have testosterone in their body, which makes their hair smooth and smooth. Male cats are stronger and larger, so they weigh more.Female cat: female cat hair is relatively speaking, not as smooth as the male cat, and the female cat is relatively petite, the body is smaller, it looks like a bird depends on the feeling of people.Male cats in heat: During heat, a male cat can be irritable, will urinate anywhere in the house to express his dissatisfaction, and he will escape out of a window to find his mate.Female cat: When in heat, female cat will often make strange noises, especially at night, which will affect the owner’s sleep, so that the owner did not sleep well, and may be pregnant.The price of male cats: neutering surgery does not require surgery, is carried out in vitro, the difficulty and risk of the operation is lower, so the price is relatively cheap, and there is no follow-up care.Female cat: Spaying and neutering is relatively complicated and needs to be carried out inside the body. The operation is more difficult and risky, so the price is higher. After the operation, the owner needs to take care of the cat and slowly recover.Male cats eat aspects: general grow larger than females, but also more strong, it also like running around everywhere, so will eat more special, appetite is larger than females many female cat: long is very small, also don’t like, often is lying down or lay down on the, and females may also may be have a beautiful heart, thinking about maintaining a slim body, so eat less.Conclusion: Do you have a male or female cat?