Bright lights on both sides of chaozhou River appear in News Broadcast

2022-07-23 0 By

Last night, CCTV “news broadcast” broadcast “Red Fire to celebrate the Chinese New Year happy Chinese New Year” short film, showing the red and red across the country to welcome the Year of the Tiger, celebrate the New Year’s lively scene.The splendid night scene of chaozhou ancient city with thousands of years of history and the bright lights on both sides of the river appeared in the program, letting the national audience have a glimpse of the charm and elegant demeanor of Chaozhou ancient city.In the short film of “Red Fire Celebrating Chinese New Year and Celebrating Chinese New Year”, CCTV’s “News Broadcast” camera shows chaozhou’s ancient city with picturesque scenery and bright lights on both sides of the river.On both sides of the Han River in the night, the lamps meandering away like sparkling pearls in the darkness.The light show of Guangji Bridge is even more dazzling under the aerial shot. The bridge looks like a rainbow across the river under the reflection of colorful neon lights.Chaozhou ancient city is full of strong flavor of the New Year.During the Spring Festival, chaozhou ancient city is decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations to welcome the New Year.”Millennium Verve · Great Beauty Chaozhou” theme lighting on the tower is bright and moving.Standing on the rostrum overlooking the two sides of the Han River, a round, a cluster of shining lights, light and shadow interwoven gorgeous dazzle, ripples beautiful, people can not help but sigh millennium elegance still see today.The reporter learned that last year, chaozhou ancient City was successfully selected into the first batch of national night culture and tourism consumption cluster area list.To further enhance the visibility and reputation of the ancient city, the ancient city of chaozhou in “, banquet, night, night night scene “four major parts together, relying on the wider economy of the ancient city of chaozhou bridge, arch street, such as the core resources, speed up the ancient city of chaozhou to build a world-class cultural tourism destination, let visitors see, eat very much, playing well, living comfort.(Chaozhou Daily reporter Liang Jiatao)