How to play mobile banking?Financial institutions accelerate adoption of “elder model”

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Source: Beijing News Original headline: How to play mobile banking?In recent years, the increasingly popular intelligent services in the financial industry have brought convenience to people, but at the same time, some elderly people have made it difficult to use mobile banking and mobile payment.In response, government departments have issued guidelines to narrow the digital divide, and banks and “national” payment apps have launched senior versions.How do the elderly currently accept and use intelligent applications?What pitfalls need to be avoided?How to correctly “play” mobile banking and mobile payment?Some elderly people have realized “two-dimensional code freedom” surveys show that some elderly people’s acceptance of intelligent applications and use ability is improving.According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences institute of social development strategy released in September 2021 after the outbreak of the era of the Internet for research on aging report, affected by the outbreak of the new champions league, and code is registered, the demand of the network shopping and other instrumental, some originally is hovering outside the Internet wave old people into “new Internet users”, part of the elderly has implemented “qr code” freedom.Wechat is the most common social tool used by the elderly, and the most obvious is to start using wechat Pay.The report shows that since 2017, the growth rate of wechat payment for the elderly has been basically linear, increasing by more than 50 times in four years.However, when it comes to funds, there are still many elderly people afraid to use mobile payment tools and mobile banking apps.On the one hand, they don’t understand how the tools work and fear they will be cheated.On the other hand, some elderly people reported that they could not remember the password, and mobile banking apps had small fonts and complicated interfaces.One place for financial institutions to help older people bridge the digital divide is by improving product design.Silver in 2021, China insurance regulatory commission issued “on the bank insurance agency to solving the elderly using intelligent technical difficulties notice, require Banks to insurance institutions shall actively into the elderly friendly society construction, enhance the level of network consumption and facilitation and specific measures include optimization using the process, create comfortable old mobile banking App and rich products and services.The reporter noticed that many banks and payment applications have launched the elderly version.For example, the home page of ICBC mobile banking App has a “big-character version” entrance, which can be easily switched;There is a version switching sign in the upper right corner of the home page of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China mobile banking, and there is a “silver issue area” on the home page of Bank of China. You can also set large font after clicking into the page.Many local banks are also accelerating the introduction of the “elder model” and “caring model” of mobile banking.In addition, unionPay cloud flash payment App launched the “Elderly Care version” mini program;Alipay launched the “elder mode”.After the transformation, the old version of mobile banking, version of the page size and part of the click area expanded, recognition and operation sensitivity are generally improved.Not only is the operation easier, but the function has also been improved.In terms of the security issues that the elderly are most concerned about, many upgraded versions of mobile banking have added security guides to guide the elderly step by step to use five-fold security lock to control accounts and funds.Some versions of mobile banking for the elderly provide security alerts when users transfer more than 10,000 yuan, while others use new technologies such as image recognition and voice recognition to facilitate the use of banking services for the visually impaired.Mobile banking guide 1 Which accounts can I open mobile banking?Under normal circumstances, all real-name personal accounts with secret retention can be opened for mobile banking, including passbook, savings card, credit card, financial card, etc. Some banks temporarily do not support mobile banking with provident fund and securities card accounts.2. What are the common functions of mobile banking for the elderly?At present, most “senior” mobile banks provide such services as transfer and remittance, investment and financial management, exclusive deposits, common payment and mobile phone recharge.3. What should I do if I enter the wrong login password for mobile banking repeatedly and the mobile banking is locked?Many banks will automatically unlock their mobile banking information the next day due to incorrect mobile banking login password.Users can also choose to bring valid id and bank card to the counter to unlock the account.4 How to ensure the security of mobile payment password?1) Increase the password length.Mobile banking passwords can be 8 to 20 characters long, and longer passwords are more secure.2) The password character combination should be as complex as possible.The use of alphanumeric, irregular strings as passwords can improve password security.It is not recommended to use simple strings or regular/easy to guess strings as passwords (e.g. phone number, license plate number, house number, date of birth, ID number, etc.).3) Change your password periodically.Periodically changing passwords is also an effective way to prevent password leakage.4) Do not disclose your password to others at any time.5) Necessary shielding during use.After the loss of mobile phone, how to ensure the security of related account funds?Timely apply for freezing bank cards and related payment services;If the mobile phone has the remote lock function and the user knows the relevant operation methods, the mobile phone will be locked immediately after the loss of the mobile phone, if necessary, directly empty the mobile phone.How to better guarantee the security of mobile payment?1) Develop good mobile phone usage habits.Take good care of your mobile phone at any time, install reliable security software, do not click on unknown links, do not scan qr codes that cannot be confirmed whether they are safe, and handle mobile phone abnormalities in a timely manner.2) Take good care of personal information, including id card, bank card, mobile phone verification code and other privacy information.3) Close the function of small secret-free payment;Set daily trading limits, etc.How well do the elderly accept mobile banking?The reporter recently randomly interviewed more than 10 elderly people over 60 years old in Beijing, many of them still prefer to do business in offline branches of banks, because they “do not know much about” mobile banking, daily business types are relatively single;Most of them do not know there is a financial App for the elderly, but on the premise of safety, they do not reject to try to use it.There are also many interviewees who have adapted to digital life, daily payment of water and electricity, travel payment and other operations are online.Ms Li (pseudonym), who is in her late 70s, said she chose to do business in offline banking outlets more often because she was “more reassured”.She downloaded mobile banking, but most of them were operated with the help of her children, because she was “not skilled and afraid of making mistakes”.Retired Mr. Zhou (pseudonym) said he did not know much about financial apps suitable for aging, but he would use them if he could learn.For the understanding of financial apps suitable for aging, one interviewee thinks that they are “safe and as simple as possible”, because the elderly are slow to accept modern things.He thinks the current mobile banking pages and functions are complicated, and it is not easy to find the entrance to the required services.Ms Zhao (not her real name), 61, is well adapted to digital life.She says she usually does not use cash and transfers money online, finding it “more convenient”. “Last year we took a road trip to Yunnan with only 1,000 yuan in cash in our pocket (mostly online).”But she didn’t know there was a senior version of mobile banking.Another woman is also adept at paying bills online. “Now that smart meters are installed in our homes, we can easily pay bills at home.”She said.Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Cheng Weimiao Ji Zhe Wang Kaiyi/Ren Wanqing