Ji Cunxi quality leads the new luxury track, explore constantly display brand unique charm

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For brands, how to establish their own competitiveness and attract consumers with unique differentiation advantages is the key to establish a foothold in the market and obtain sustainable growth.As a highly praised new luxury fashion brand in recent years, Ji Cunxi has been committed to the development of skin care and cosmetics products since its establishment, and provides excellent products for consumers by using cutting-edge technology and natural materials.Under the insistence of new luxury, Ji Cunxi formed brand differentiation style, and constantly brought forth new products, and opened a new stage of fashion luxury industry with high-quality products.Ji Cunxi brand LOGO to explore the success of Ji Cunxi, the product matrix of continuous grinding and innovation, is ji Cunxi in the fierce competition in the luxury market to successfully stand firm.In 2019, Ji Cunxi completed the new luxury upgrade of the brand, and the product concept has been upgraded from “natural beauty and beauty” to “natural luxury and beauty”. It has developed fashion products covering glasses, perfume, leather goods, jewelry and other fine products, and skin care and makeup series have ushered in a brilliant transformation.On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the brand in 2021, Ji Cunxi launched a new cosmetics product zhenrongzhi Presents moonlight Treasure Box, which traverses the ancient and modern, integrates Chinese and western, and shows the radiant charm of the new luxury brand to the world.In June, Jicun xi again focused on product innovation, the new bright series on the market, with extremely clean “, “extremely safe”, “extremely run”, “extremely oxygen” thinking skin care concept, open the journey against The Times of the skin.In addition, Ji Cunxi knows that in the new era of entertainment marketing, playing with young consumers is an important basis for the long-term development of the brand.In 2020, Ji Cun-xi has been in the “Settled down”, “Sideburns is not the red”, “Qingping Music”, “heavy fire on the moon”, “Blame you too beautiful” and other film and television plays, before the feed, star broadcast, trivia, ending commercials and other forms to show the audience Ji Cun-xi small crystal diamond sunscreen.In 2021, the big JiCunXi again started marketing model, successively cooperation “golden years”, youku exclusive dramas “on Yang fu” and other popular IP, by adopting many innovative marketing style, combined with marketing a flattering content setting, help the brand exposure, content, finally realizes the product by the moonlight treasure box to buy sales into let zhi.Ji Cunxi strategic cooperation youku exclusive drama “Yang Fu” in the quality of adherence, Ji Cunxi continue to explore continuous innovation, with high quality brand upgrade.Next, Ji Cunxi will also use advanced technology and achievements to continuously strengthen product quality, break through itself, and through forward-looking vision, insight into the development trend of The Times, and constantly introduce new carriers and forms, to bring continuous forward power for the brand, usher in a more brilliant future!