Listed soon won the praise of the first, glory X30 is how to do?

2022-07-23 0 By

Unconsciously, honor X30 has been on the market for more than a month, DO not know whether there is a click fans to buy is using it, comprehensive and look at the honor X30 is currently in the thousand yuan machine price relative configuration is worthy of the price of the product, of course, how we say it does not work, the final market is to determine the product is good or bad.In Tmall platform, we see the statistics of one month’s data show, the final glory X30 obtained the favorable comment android that month a list of the first good result, and comments users is more “appearance, but high level”, “long life”, “charging” and so on, we will find that this is actually something very ordinary point of view, and because these basic machine is one thousand yuan is focus on the problem to be solved.Appearance level well natural need not say more, if you saw the honor X30 titanium air silver version, you do not look carefully, estimated that it is easy to mistake for Huawei Mate40 standard version of the secret silver, can not say exactly the same, can only say nine or nine out of ten, you said the honor did not go to learn Huawei I also do not believe it,However, huawei’s design used by my former younger brother always feels more justified than that taken by others, and users are basically acceptable.There is nothing wrong with the popularization of high-end design, but the important thing is who does it. Before, Honor could not easily beat the big brother in Huawei system, so it could “do whatever it wants” after independence, and Huawei turned a blind eye to honor’s design learning.And to say that the glory really cattle place I think is the screen ratio, in the thousand yuan machine to make the frame so narrow you can basically find no other brand in addition to honor or honor, although some people will make fun of the picture looks wide frame, but the real machine is still very shocking.Honor X30 carries Snapdragon 695, and its price of 1499 is reasonable after all, and Honor X30 also has 66W super fast charging, which reaches the current mainstream fast charging level of Huawei and Honor. Therefore, in general, compared with the products of the first half of the year, it has a lot of sincerity., of course, to say your price or they can’t, honor the current plan is not cost-effective, it want to route is huawei, huawei can the development of good actually the ratio of credit also has a lot of glory, so in the future as the glory brand launch, maybe one thousand yuan machine pattern will be different again.At that time, we will look at some high-end design will not ridicule, at most to the icing on the cake.