When a man truly recognizes you, the most obvious performance is not spoiled, but these

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In a relationship, it is common to hear women say, “I wish he would always spoil me, listen to me and obey my heart.”For a relationship, if a woman wants a man to treat her like this, it is too simple to think.For a relationship to last longer, a man and a woman need to be more spiritually compatible with each other.Only in this way, can make this relationship more solid, more worthy of two people to operate.Women often only see the surface of love, but ignore a man’s heart.A woman should know that if a man truly loves you, he will naturally spoil you, but not necessarily the other way around.A man who loves you doesn’t mean he really loves you.A woman should not be fooled into thinking that if a man loves you and obeys you, he loves you deeply.Some men will act submissive, even if they don’t love you that much, just because they know what you’re thinking.Moore said, “Friendship must be like love to warm the heart, love must be like friendship to be unbreakable.”True love, must be unbreakable, is mutual trust, will not be affected by a little trifle.Once a man has identified with a woman, he will naturally do this and will take great care of the relationship.Therefore, the woman should understand, when a man really identify you later, the most obvious performance is not pet, but these, can not be ignored.01 with you, will be very patient, and will be very careful to you.Shakespeare said, “The power of love is peace, regardless of reason, rule, honor and shame, it can make all the fear, shock and pain when they are sweet.”After men really identify a woman, they will generally consider the long-term, they care about not only the current life, but also the future of two people.In this way, they will cherish the relationship and maintain and manage it well.The more a man wants to hold on to a relationship, the more he knows how to consider a woman’s feelings and remember to think for a woman, which will gradually become a habit.With a woman, a man can be very patient, even when he is impatient, he can control his emotions.Or, for love, a man can change himself, make himself better, and make a woman feel that being with him is worth it.Therefore, the woman should understand, when a man is very patient to you, to be careful as a habit, that he is very care about you, because he has identified you.02 He will make you better, more interesting, and convince you that the love is worth it.If a man just spoil a woman, he is not to spend too much thought, as long as with the woman together, listen to the woman’s words, obey the woman’s mind can.This submission is foolish if it means love to a woman.Because it’s so much easier for a man to be submissive than thoughtful when two people are together.”Treasure love, treasure it more with age,” shibakhov said.Love lies not idle under the moon, nor sighing on a bench.”If a man loves a woman deeply, he will cherish this relationship.In the process of cherishing, the man will also let the woman see his deep feeling, see his efforts.In order to make the relationship stronger and happier, a man will not only make himself better, but also let the woman see him as interesting and dedicated to the relationship.As long as a man is willing to spend his mind for you, willing to let you see his best, the most interesting side, that in his heart, is very concerned about your feelings, care about you to his impression.When a man does this, he is telling you that he has already decided you.He misses you when he’s away from you and keeps a steady frequency of contact with you.La Rochefoucauld said, “The joy of love lies in love, and it is better to enjoy it than to arouse it.”If a man truly loves you, his mind is not only when he is chasing you, but also when he is with you.Generally speaking, if a man is not in love with you, he will put a lot of effort into pursuing you, and once you are in a relationship, he will not care about you as much.Just like when you are apart, the man who does not love you will only perfunctory you occasionally and coax you when you are angry.A man who truly loves you is different, he will always maintain your relationship, even if you are separated, he will always miss you, always thinking about you.Even if he is busy, he will not use this as an excuse, but will take the time to contact you, even if it is just a message, it will let you know that he cares about you.Women should understand that as long as a man identifies you, he will keep a steady and frequent contact with you when he is separated, rather than contacting you when he thinks of you occasionally.Moliere also said: “Do not love, happiness will not be your share.Take love out of your life, and you take joy out.Smooth love, in fact, boring.”Once a man has identified a woman, it must be more than a pet so simple.He will take the initiative for the woman to spend ideas, will be for the woman’s sake, when getting along with, will also take care of the woman’s feelings.Because he is deeply in love with a woman, a man will take the initiative to change himself to make the relationship stronger.A woman should not be silly to think that a man loves you deeply, the real deep love, in addition to pampering, should also include these.