Why does hot selling segregation insurance encounter embarrassment

2022-07-23 0 By

Recently, with the emergence of the epidemic, an insurance product named “isolation insurance” has become popular and aroused widespread concern in the society.The so-called quarantine insurance means that the insured person is quarantined due to COVID-19 during the period of coverage and can receive the corresponding insurance subsidy during the quarantine period.In terms of related products, the average monthly insurance premium of isolation insurance ranges from 6 yuan to more than 10 yuan, and the isolation allowance ranges from 150 yuan to 1000 yuan per day.On some web sites, the sales page of quarantine insurance is marked with slogans such as “quarantine pay, quarantine lie earn.”What make a person do not expect is, the isolation danger that hits social demand so was immersed in very quickly however safeguard scope is narrow, disclaimer clause is overmuch, the predicament that dispute of manage compensate remains high.Complain centrally from consumer look, basically be difficulty of manage compensate, for instance was isolated however cannot get compensation to pay, manage compensate proof material is very harsh, return protect poundage is abnormal high.Similar segregation risk encounters this kind of embarrassment, happen from time to time in insurance industry development in recent years.From the beginning of the drunk driving insurance, to the World Cup special drink high risk, regret risk, late sleep insurance, and haze insurance, vehicle lottery insurance, etc., innovation and show debate and regulatory correction has never stopped.This is not exceptional also, in the face of concentrated outbreak of isolation risks too hot sale and claim complaints in many problems, such as silver circ insurance department has issued a “about specification” isolation “allowance insurance business management issues related to emergency notice, requires insurance companies to standardize related products, shall not win consumers eyeball, for the purpose of one-sided propaganda and malicious rendering hype,It also requires CBRC property insurance Department or directly administered local offices to report self-inspection and rectification before February 28.What’s wrong with isolation?In recent years, with the further fragmentation of the insurance market, the market demand for insurance products to provide diversified innovative products according to the changes of economic life also increases.From this point of view, the original design of isolation risk is beyond reproach.Isolation insurance on the market is now hot, indicating that the market demand is there.People who are quarantined due to the epidemic will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life, but also may suffer some economic losses because they cannot go out to work due to the isolation. To solve such worries, it is the economic compensation function of insurance that comes into play.But there is often a fine line between truth and falsehood, especially when it comes to innovative insurance products.If the only purpose is to attract attention and grab attention, and then deviate from the original intention of insurance protection, the product designed is low price and low quality, and even cannot cover the possible risks, such fake innovation of show type should be stopped immediately.Indeed, although the number of insurance products in China is numerous, it is indisputable that most of them tend to be homogeneous.Compared with the mature foreign insurance market, the gold content in the innovative design of insurance products and the coincidence degree with the social demand are obviously lower.In this regard, China’s insurance industry still has a large space for innovative products to meet social needs, and there is still a long way to go.So how should correct the deviation between isolation insurance protection and the real demand of common people?The direction is clearly stated in the CBRC notice: Insurance companies should correct their business philosophy, take people as the center, take the actual needs of insurance consumers as the basis, develop products in accordance with laws and regulations, and set reasonable liability exemption and claim settlement conditions under the comprehensive consideration of insurable interests and risks.It is not only isolated risk, if the above requirements can be implemented in all insurance product design in place, become a kind of conscious consciousness, the problem of insurance innovation can also be easily solved.(Economic Daily By Jiang Fan)