Domestic airlines reinstated fuel surcharges on domestic routes

2022-07-24 0 By

After a month, domestic airlines resumed collecting fuel surcharges on domestic routes.The reporter learned today that Qunar has received notice from some domestic airlines that it will resume collecting fuel surcharges for passenger transport on domestic routes starting from February 5, 2022 (the date of ticket issuing).After receiving notice from some domestic airlines, Qunar has been online prompt for the first time, convenient for users to know.According to the notice qunar received, the standard fuel surcharge for domestic flights is 10 yuan for flights less than 800 kilometers and 20 yuan for flights more than 800 kilometers.For the Beijing-Shanghai route, for example, a fuel surcharge of 20 yuan will be charged for a one-way ticket between Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, covering a distance of 1,178 kilometers.What if a passenger buys a ticket before the notice takes effect and then changes it?According to the person in charge of qunar ticket business, if a passenger buys a ticket for February 10 before February 5, even if the passenger changes the ticket on February 9, the passenger only needs to pay the change fee according to the airline regulations, without charging the fuel surcharge.The resumption of fuel surcharges on domestic routes is related to the recent rise in domestic jet fuel prices.Lanxiang, president of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, analyzed that for airlines, the length of routes varies, but the proportion of long-distance routes is slightly higher. On average, the income of a single passenger will increase by about 16 yuan, which will reduce the cost caused by the rising price of jet fuel to some extent.On June 5, 2018, airlines resumed collecting fuel surcharges on domestic routes, which have been raised three times in less than a year since then.The reduction began on December 5, 2018, and ended on January 5, 2019, when airlines suspended fuel surcharges for domestic routes.On Nov 5, 2021, the surcharge was suspended on Jan 5 this year after domestic airlines imposed it again due to rising jet fuel prices.Author: Zhang Xiaoming Editor: Wang Jiayi Responsible editor: Shan Yingwen * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.