For the first time in Olympic history!This “Jingjiang element” was featured in the Winter Olympics

2022-07-24 0 By

The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Beijing. Although there are no jingjiang athletes competing in the winter Olympics, Jingjiang is actually participating in the Winter Olympics in other ways.For the first time in Olympic history, the Olympic torch relay will use 5G unmanned vehicles.The car’s “black technology” components, such as the color-changing PC(polycarbonate) canopy and paint-free integrated body, come from Jiangsu Engao Optical Materials Co., LTD., a Taiwan-funded company in Jingjiang.According to Gao Maolin, founder and chairman of Engo Optics, the project was looking for a partner and finally found a German company that produces raw materials upstream of Engo Optics, which recommended Engo Optics.”When the project manager came to us, it was the end of May last year, but we had to produce the prototype by August, which was very tight.In the middle of the production time, the black body was asked to change to white body, we re-verified the material……”Gao Maolin bluntly, the company finally in a short period of time to complete the product, is to the enterprise technology, process, equipment and other levels of a “comprehensive examination”, there is not a link can not be successful.”We are honored to be part of the Beijing Olympic Torch relay in this way.”Together to the future