Here comes the C6 driver’s license!Do you meet the eligibility criteria?

2022-07-24 0 By

From April 1, the newly revised “Motor vehicle driving license application and use regulations” will be formally implemented, the new light traction trailer quasi driving type (C6), better meet the needs of the masses driving rv travel, promote the development of new business model of rv tourism.According to the new ministry directive, those applying for a QUASI-driving-type C6 driving license should pay attention to the followingThose who have obtained a quasi-driving type driving license above small car (C1) or small automatic transmission vehicle (C2) and have not recorded 12 points in this scoring period and the latest scoring period before the application can apply for driving light tractor-trailer (C6) driving license.About the age of application: applicants for C6 driving license should be above 20 years old and below 60 years old.People over 60 and under 70 who really need to drive light tractor-trailers can also apply for a C6 driving license after passing the memory, judgment and reaction tests.About driving test: subject 2 and subject 3 safe and civilized driving common sense, subject 2 test items including pile test, curve driving, right Angle turn three items, focus on the assessment of the driver’s position of the body, moving track, such as perception, judgment, operation, to ensure the safety of light tractor-trailer driving ability.It is important to note that: those who used to hold A2 driving license but have already cancelled their A2 driving license because they are over 60 years old or demoted voluntarily and still need to drive light tractor-trailer can apply for C6 driving license directly to the vehicle management office without taking an exam.The Ministry of Public Security traffic management bureau tip the driver friend, light train tractor trailer for cars, driving operation difficulty is relatively large, the demand is high, driver safety driving ability and consciousness of driving light tractor trailer is drive tourism travel more, usage scenarios for expressway road, the more complex environment, such as travel to pay close attention to road conditions, reasonable planning route,Strictly abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations, drive carefully, civilized driving, to ensure road traffic safety.