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Full of trees and charming red, ten thousand branches of Dan color burning spring.Why should the knot for a thousand years, will show the chemical industry between people.Jingning County 35° Apple Valley national AAA level scenic spot is like a lyrical poem, with the four seasons to describe the different poetic and pictorial meaning.Spring has come, all things recovery, spring girl with pale yellow green, light powder in the thick loess slope slowly delineated the wicker, peach blossom, apricot flowers, grass, babbling water……The warm sun is shining in Apple Valley, and the spring breeze Buddha willow is a good time for spring outing. The grass in Apple Valley has reached out its head, the weak wicker has turned green, and the peach blossom is blooming all over the mountains.We go to Apple Valley to see the blue sky, listen to the graceful song of birds in the forest, watch the white geese and ducks playing in the lake, and have a parent-child game. Apple Valley makes our dull life more colorful.Peach Blossom Peach blossom is native to central and northern China and has a long history of cultivation. Later, it gradually spread to the surrounding areas of Asia, from Persia to the West.Peach blossom has high ornamental value and is a common material for literary creation. In addition, the elements in peach blossom have medicinal value in dredging channels and collaterals and nourishing the skin.Its flower language and representative meaning is: captive of love.Peach blossom HongBai, willow LuChi edge, 35 ° apple valley peach blossom again wait for you to punch oh snowcapped JingNing surf Spring breeze spring scenery hanfu apple valley valley scenic spot pavilion hanfu is the symbol of Chinese culture, its responsibility to spread the national excellent culture, hanfu is the full name of the han nationality traditional clothing, also some people called han outfit, well-dressed, han clothes.The Hanfu Experience Hall of 35° Apple Valley Scenic Spot regularly carries out hanfu display and Han culture promotion activities every year, and provides tourists with hanfu to play in beautiful Hanfu and take photos and other experience activities.Apple valley apple flower has the effect of improving human immunity, weight loss, blood pressure, is one of the fruits people love.Jingning county is located in 35 degrees north latitude, is the world’s best apple production belt, Jingning apple industry after more than 30 years of development, has become the main industry of the county out of poverty, won the “national Loess Plateau eugenic apple best planting area” and “China apple township” title.Jingning County 35° Apple Valley scenic area of the existing standardization of more than 60 acres of demonstration park, spring apple flowers all over the mountains, become apple Valley unique scenery, spring outing you can miss it!The mountain flowers are in full bloom, the waves are calm, the spring breeze, the spring scenery, the apple Valley, the mountain is the garden, the garden is the change of the mountain to see the sky, the beauty of the four seasons is due to you. In summer, we will see you again.When returning from outing, be sure to clean the dust off the clothes before entering the house, and then take a bath and change clothes.During the epidemic, the scenic spot has done a good job of epidemic prevention, and please pay attention to self-protection.