On the first day of school, children on their way to school are always accompanied by police blue

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 16 (correspondent Yang Huailiu reporter Dai Minyang) February 16, the first day of school.On The same day, Wuhan police organized more than 11,000 police officers and 3,000 police cars to set up 297 patrol routes around the school to improve the level of patrol and control to ensure safety.The city’s traffic police on duty in advance, the “vice president of the rule of law” on the platform to teach “the first lesson of the school”, the police hand in hand lovely hands, warm heart escorted the children to open a new voyage.The police escorted the children on their way to school.At 6:40 in the morning, east and west lake traffic brigade two squadron captain Fan Zhiqiang came to wujiashan fourth primary school in front of the door.When it was time to go to school, “Slow down, slow down, cross the street safely!”From time to time he reminded and escorted the children to safe passage.When the bus stopped outside the red line, Qiu Shengquan, the police officer of Wujiashan Street police Station, took the students off to the school gate with a warm hand.The parents smiled and drove away immediately to keep order.Yangtze River Daily reporter learned that on the same day, more than 2,000 traffic police officers in Wuhan were on duty in advance to clear illegal parking vehicles around schools, maintain traffic order around schools, and open the “police school home” mode of protecting schools.Traffic management big data shows that the city’s congestion alarm and congestion delay index have decreased compared with last year.In Wuhan Experimental Boya No. 2 Primary School, huali, police officer of Jiangan District Public Security Sub-bureau, brought a wonderful lesson of rule of law to the children.The hard work of the police is seen in the eyes of the masses in mind, but also the enthusiastic response of the children.”Hello, policeman!In hubei Wuchang Experimental Primary school yellow Crane tower campus gate, the children saw a long time “uncle Fang”, have to say hello to the traffic police on duty Fang Chengyi.Before 7 o ‘clock in the morning, he cleaned up the vehicles at the intersection. During the Spring Festival, he also specially maintained the signs and lines at the school gate.The police taught the children safety knowledge, the first lesson of school.Correspondent Yang Huailiu photo in recent days, combined with the “thunder fire 2022” “find blocking prevention 2022” special action requirements, Wuhan police adhere to the campus and the surrounding tilt police, fast and efficient disposal of all kinds of school police situation, to ensure that teachers and students during the school life, property safety;In collaboration with the education department, the police carried out in-depth inspections on the campus, rectification of 15 school security risks, rectification of 425 sites around the campus, and closure of 46 illegal sites according to law.In wuhan east lake new technology development zone of huashan orange groves, leopard Xie third bridge, the Buddha ridge modern international city, and other communities and schools, police anti-drug social work hand in hand with anti-drug publicity materials, simulation models of drug taking part in the activity to residents, particularly children knowledge about drugs, introduces in detail the types of new drugs and the damage of the gas of refusing HIV awareness.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.