Oujiangcha Town, Heshan District: NPC deputies show off the new driving force of land “transformation”

2022-07-24 0 By

Chen Shunliang investigated farmers’ preparations for spring ploughing production.Shuikou village for centralized land transfer, centralized seedling.Rednet moment Yiyang On March 28 (correspondent Guo Congpeng) “in 2021, food prices have not been rising, contracting households did not make a profit, this year the enthusiasm of farmers is generally not high, some large households do not want to contract again, food production work encountered problems.The people elected me to be their deputy, so I will of course work actively to break this bottleneck. After consultation with the two committees of the village branch, we have identified a way to transfer land collectively. So far, the results have been good.”On March 28, Heshan District people’s Congress, Oujiang Chazhen Liushuikou Village party general branch secretary Chen Shunliang said.Since the beginning of this year, Shuikou Village, town of Oujiang Cha, has publicized land transfer to the masses at party meetings and householder meetings for many times, opening up the “last meter” of land transfer and “turning” out of the new driving force of grain production.Chen Shunliang leads all village cadres inside the door to visit the masses, do the ideological work of the masses, dispel the concerns of farmers.At the same time, it actively introduced grain enterprises and large households, and attracted large farmers to contract land in the village by reducing rent, improving water conservancy facilities and providing shelter for free, which promoted the large-scale agricultural operation, effectively realized the mutual benefit and win-win situation of both sides of the transfer, and laid a solid foundation for winning the spring ploughing production war.Under the active mobilization of Chen Shunliang, the land transfer of Liubian Village in Oujiangcha Town exceeded 4500 mu, and the transfer rate reached 90%.It provides reference experience for oujiangcha town to explore land digital reform and improve land use efficiency in the next stage.