Tianjin: Increase the amount of reserves sufficient supply of New Year products

2022-07-24 0 By

Jinyun news: in the holiday, the business department arranged food supply enterprises, large business super to increase the amount of reserves, to ensure that the festival product supply is not interrupted, enrich the table of citizens.During the Spring Festival, to ensure the daily needs of residents, Tianjin Food Group with food material sets, convenient for residents to purchase.During the holidays, the daily supply is about 10 percent more than usual.In addition to fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, meat and other basic living ingredients, these two days also added sauces, cakes, nuts and other festival gift box products, online and offline simultaneously.Up to now, the food group has released nearly 1,100 tons of daily necessities.During the holidays, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce led 105 large supermarkets in the city to set up the daily life supplies guarantee headquarters, unified scheduling, increase the overall reserves, to ensure that the supply of all kinds of annual products.At the same time, we will strengthen the connection between chain supermarkets and key wholesale markets and the emergency supply bases for vegetables, pork and eggs, so as to ensure sufficient supplies and stable prices for important daily necessities during the holidays.Source: Jinyun