4.2 The US stock market closed red overnight, where to go after the holiday a shares?

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Fund investment position, operation post 14 points a day, receive comment post 18 points a day.Dry goods posted irregularly shared.If you haven’t received the post, you must come to the homepage.I hope we can make progress together in financial management.Whether it’s up or down, it will be shared regularly every day.Thank you all for your support.We will understand the market situation and news and grasp investment opportunities.1, non-agricultural data to strengthen the Fed rate hike expectations, the US index on Friday all closed red.Overnight, external newspapers rose 0.4%, the NASDAQ rose 0.29% and the S&P 500 rose 0.34%. For the week, the Dow lost 0.12%, the NASDAQ rose 0.65% and the S&P 500 rose 0.06%. Popular Chinese companies generally ended higher on Friday, with new energy vehicle stocks rising.The European collective closed higher, the German index is also a small red.Gold futures ended down 1.6 percent on Friday.Investors weighed the impact of weaker-than-expected non-farm and manufacturing data on the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates, while the upside down in U.S. Treasury yields pointed to a growing risk of recession.Meanwhile chip stocks fell.For the market after the festival, we will pay attention to the two days of holiday news.Huaxia industry boom mixed bank schroder trend preferred mixed C2, after the festival a shares where to go?What data do you need to pay attention to?In fact, from the start, April is the first quarter of the second quarter, and it is the annual report and quarterly report intensive release period, performance may be the focus of the market, so we will pay attention to the following data.Prudential emerging industry mixed C gold and short bond bond A from the current environment, the market continues to shock rebound pattern.Shanghai index recently recovered 5 days, 10 days, 20 days average, market sentiment has picked up significantly.That, too, is a good sign.But be alert to the risk of short-term market volatility.However, the domestic epidemic repeated, uncertainty disturbance will restrain the market risk appetite to continue to rise.In the short term, we need to pay attention to whether the volume can continue to moderate amplification, and if there is a contraction shock, we still need to be alert to the risk of correction.Icbc Credit Suisse frontier medical stock C is still full of expectations for the post-holiday market, after all, it is the arrival of the second quarter, with the adjustment of the market in the first quarter, I believe that the second quarter is expected to pick up.From the current market prices, or according to market changes reasonable layout.China Europe medical and health mix C ABC Huilui New energy theme flexible allocation mix 3. How about the current position of the fund returns?How are the revenues this year?Want to know my holdings of friends can follow my article.You can see one down here.In addition, every day will share their own benefits and positions of the video, I hope you please pay attention to oh.4.1 Analysis of the current position of the Sector and the next Investment Strategy