Dongguan traffic police Dalingshan brigade concentrated police, effectively carry out drunk driving rectification action

2022-07-25 0 By

In order to further strengthen the inspection and rectification of prominent hidden dangers such as public security and traffic, and effectively maintain the overall security and stability of dalingshan Town, Dongguan city, the Traffic Police Brigade of Dalingshan Sub-Bureau, according to the deployment of the superior, earnestly carried out the first unified inspection and rectification action of the whole city in 2022.On the evening of February 11, dalingshan Traffic police brigade concentrated traffic police, public security, patrol police and other superior police, in dalingshan district vigorously carry out drunk driving rectification action.A total of 69 police officers were mobilized to investigate 374 cases of traffic violations, and 9 cases of alcohol-related driving were detected, including 4 cases of drunk driving and 5 cases of drunk driving, and 12 vehicles of all kinds were temporarily seized.Drunk driving rectification action by the town public security sub-bureau deputy director, traffic police captain Lun Ruijia led.Before the action, Lun Ruijia deputy director of the organization of traffic police, public security, patrol and other personnel in the war to mobilize.Later, soldiers divided into six roads, in the area of Dalingshan main road, restaurants, food stalls, bars and other high incidence of drunk driving prone to set up checkpoints, check the passing vehicles.The “clean up the mess and clean up the source” campaign will end at 24:00 on The 26th, and will be intensified in the Lantern Festival, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and other holidays.Will be normalized and the traffic police department to carry out the drunken driving investigation work, except for drunk driving at night action, in different time periods to carry out the work flow, a screen, the vehicle trajectory anomalies, slow speed when fast when signs and twitched swing, immediately request a car pull over for inspection, monitoring the hangover the driver drunk driving offence.