Good news!Chengdu city area railway S11 line, S13 line latest progress!And these big projects

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Chengdu rail transit planning has been the focus of attention (especially qingbaijiang friends) recently, and good news from Longquan to Tianfu Airport S13 line start early work chengde S11 line strive to start construction in October……According to the chengdu Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, it will continue to speed up the construction of chengde S11 line in 2022, strive to start construction of Chengde S11 line in October 2022, and actively do the preliminary work of S13 line from Longquanyi to Tianfu Airport.Chengdu to Deyang rail transit line S11 starts at Chengdu Weijiaran Station and ends at Deyang North Railway Station in Downtown Deyang, passing Through Chengdu Jinniu District, Xindu District, Pengzhou City, Deyang Guanghan City and Deyang main urban area. The main line is 70.2 km long.According to the natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Deyang City, S11 has seven stations in Deyang: Sanxingdui, Nanfeng, Tianfu Jingcheng, Deyang South, Sichuan Jianyuan, Wuzhou Square and Wenmiao.Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources will promote 8 rail transit projects in 2022.Chengdu will also high-quality promote the construction of line 8 phase II, Line 10 phase III, Line 13 Phase I, Line 17 Phase II, Line 18 phase III, Line 19 Phase I, Line 27 Phase I and Line 30 phase I, and coordinate the implementation of municipal supporting projects along the rail transit line.By introducing high-level rail transit operators to the society through PPP mode, chengdu rail transit operation management and service level will be comprehensively improved.Chengpeng Viaduct outside the second Ring road and Chengpeng Viaduct outside the second ring Road of Chengpeng Railway Station has been basically completed.On the afternoon of January 30th, the chengpeng viaduct into the city and the main bridge outside the second ring of the commercial avenue were officially opened to traffic.The main bridge of Commerce Avenue starts from Xibeiqiao East Street, crosses the Second Ring Viaduct to the north, and ends at the entrance of Saiyuntai East 1st Road and chengpeng Viaduct. The design speed of the viaduct is 60km/h, and the total length of the viaduct is 1.291km. The viaduct connects chengpeng Viaduct and enters the city with four two-way lanes, and gradually changes to six two-way lanes at the second ring viaduct.Figure source Live in chengdu built in addition, this year in sichuan province in the aspect of high speed will have big action these major projects on the agenda the left left left the highway will ensure that open to traffic, 500 kilometers, according to sichuan provincial department of transportation in 2022, be sure to complete road waterway construction investment of 150 billion yuan of above, built highway 500 kilometers, the new rebuilt the provincial trunk line of 1500 km,A total of 15,000 kilometers of rural roads will be upgraded, 110 kilometers of high-grade waterways will be added, a number of comprehensive passenger and freight hubs will be built, and the construction of new infrastructure and carbon-neutral projects will be accelerated.In terms of specific projects, nine projects will be completed and open to traffic, including highways from Guangyuan to Pingwu, From Luzhou to Yongchuan, from Zhongjiang to Suining in Deyang, and some sections of highways from Jiuzhi to Maerkang, and from Mianyang to Jiuzhaigou.Among them, Luzhou to Yongchuan is another highway channel between Sichuan and Chongqing.We will speed up the construction of projects, and strive to get land approval for the construction of six expressways that meet the conditions for construction.Specifically: Xichang to Shangri-La expressway, Xichang to Ningnan Expressway, Huili to Luquan Expressway, Zizhong to Tongliang Expressway, Western section of Dazhou Ring Expressway, Zhenguang Expressway from Sichuan-Shaanxi Boundary to Wangping, with a total mileage of 591 kilometers and a total investment of 123.5 billion YUAN.To speed up the work for pre-project, will ensure that into which chongqing capacity and large cushion, music and other 10 days eyebrow, 1170 km highway project can approval (approval), strive to lugu northern jiang, zigong to yongchuan, leshan to Xing waited for 10, 1010 km highway project can approval (approval), reserve barkam to kangding nine projects, 1011 km.I believe it will be more convenient for everyone to travel in the future