Hero’s Hometown organizes screening of Sniper

2022-07-25 0 By

Report from our correspondent is showing “sniper” it is according to resist the United States aid Korea true sniper group story ADAPTS the film, in the film “sharpshooter” prototype is Zhang Taofang of jiangsu Taizhou nationality hero.Recently, the movie “Sniper” in Taizhou Xinghua Chenbao town happy Blue Sea cinema, Zhang Taofang’s relatives, fellow comrades, as well as Chen Bao “Taofang” vanguard representatives of a total of 60 people attended the movie.The film sniper, directed by Zhang Yimou and Zhang Mo’s father and daughter, takes the “cold artillery movement” in the war of resistance to the United States and Aid Korea as the background, and takes The Xinghua hero Zhang Taofang as the prototype. It tells the story of the Chinese volunteer soldiers in the situation of the great disparity in military strength between the enemy and me, and the elite SNIPER team of the United States army to launch a life-and-death contest.On the battlefield, Zhang Taofang fought for 32 days, shot 442 times and killed 214 enemies, creating the highest record of the war against the United States, and ranked among the world’s “top ten snipers”.”Crawling in the snow with snow on my eyes, eyebrows, beard, it was so real and shocking.”As the story unfolds, veteran Fei Yichang recalls the eventful years. “As a fellow soldier who joined the army with Zhang Taofang, I am very proud of her,” he says.”Zhang Taofang and I went to the regimental headquarters for a week of intensive training during the campaign.”Min Ri Lin is Zhang Taofang’s fellow comrades, when they were in the Dongtai army training, together across the Yalu River to participate in the anti-American aid.Looking at “Zhang Taofang” in the movie, Min Said that although he rarely saw Zhang Taofang later, Min Has always been proud of his comrade-in-arms and taken them as an example.(Zhou Xian)