On the eve of the Spring Festival, xinjiang Hesuo Court handed over heart-warming money to more than 300 people

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“In the summer of 2019, my family borrowed money from a bank to plant tomatoes, and a company owed me 130,000 yuan for tomato raw materials. I knew that the company was in trouble, and I thought the debt was gone, and the whole family was worried.Pegatron Court is really a good court for the common people. Every year, pegatron Court tries to execute the case payment for us ordinary people. This is the third year in a row that I have received the case payment.Yoo said what he felt when he came to the Pegatron Court on Jan. 29 to collect the money.Since 2019, due to poor management of a company, more than 300 people in Hesuo county owe money for tomato raw materials, more than 200 families also “trouble” resulting in a decline in family happiness.Type and court to recognize the stakeholder case dispute, has always been adhering to the party’s absolute leadership, the court work in hoxud county party committee and court, under the strong leadership of overall planning, advance process of case is dealt with in accordance with the law, to solve the populace by debt disputes especially difficult people cause distress sorrow to problems such as life, production, ensure to realize the overall harmonious and stable;We have always adhered to the principle of putting the people first, reduced or exempted legal fees, announced the hotline for consultation and reporting, issued work tips, and elected representatives. We have tried our best to take all measures to facilitate the people’s participation in litigation, and made every effort to ensure that the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case.Always adhere to the satisfaction of the masses, improve the masses to get feeling, happiness as the goal, with both feet with good sealing up, distraining, freezing, the auction mandatory enforcement measures, the greatest degree to realize the prevailing legal rights and interests, and adhere to the good civilization, guide enterprises to break through difficulties development “bottleneck”, embark on the development on track,To help promote the high-quality economic and social development of Hesuo County to provide a strong legal guarantee, and strive to achieve the organic unity of political effect, legal effect and social effect.As the End of the New Year draws near, pegatuo Court, on the basis of continuous efforts in the early stage, concentrated on the eve of the Spring Festival, distributed the execution case payment to more than 300 people to ensure that people of all ethnic groups receive the case payment before the Spring Festival, so that people of all ethnic groups have a united, peaceful, warm and festive Spring Festival!(Zhou Guoping, Utola)