Watching a movie in a private house

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Reporter Xu Zhuowei correspondent Zhang Caina Wang Zheqian “more than 20 years have not seen a movie, did not expect this Spring Festival, the project department to our staff to stay on the arrangement!”Song Gongzheng, a 65-year-old worker from Lanxi, laughed.Yesterday morning, a cinema in Yinzhou district welcomed more than 20 front-line workers from section ⅵ of Yinzhou Avenue Expressway (Airport Road – Yinzhou Crossing) project.While waiting to see the film, Chen Gongping, a mason from Xinyang, Henan Province, and his wife, Lu Xuewen, sent their New Year wishes to their daughter, who is studying at a university in their hometown, via a mobile video link.”We will not be home for Chinese New Year, so you should take good care of yourself!”Lv xuewen urged her daughter.”Because of the epidemic and the tight project schedule, my husband’s project encourages everyone to stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival, so I came from my hometown in advance and spent the Spring Festival in Ningbo with my husband.”Lv Xuewen told reporters.”I haven’t seen a movie with my husband in years!”Lv xuewen sighed, “The project department arranged a movie today, and I came with them.I have been married for more than 20 years and this is my first time to watch a movie in Ningbo.””During the Spring Festival holiday, we arranged activities such as dinner, making dumplings, watching movies and writing Spring Festival couplets. We hope that the workers’ New Year in Ningbo will be as enjoyable.”Jiang Weiyi, the project manager of section vi of the project, said.”Most of the workers on our site come from Hunan, Anhui, Henan and other places.When we learned that many workers hadn’t seen a movie for years, we contacted the theater to book a screening and arranged for more than 20 workers in Yongyong to watch the movie with their families.”Jiang Weiyi said.According to the goal of “Spring Festival does not stop work”, 107 employees of the project haishu section and more than 90 workers of yinzhou section stay in Ningbo to grab construction.”During the Spring Festival holiday, we mainly carried out pile foundation construction and road protection.At present, 10 pile foundation construction machinery has been in the field for construction, and about 120 pile foundations have been completed. The green relocation work along the project is also in an orderly way.”Yinzhou Avenue Express Road (Airport Road – Yinzhou Cross line) Yinzhou section project principal introduction.”We plan to comprehensively promote the construction of baotong road and pile foundation along the whole line after the Holiday, and basically complete the substructure construction of the main line of yinzhou section viaduct by the end of this year.By the end of 2024, we will strive to meet the opening conditions and give full play to the efficiency of the express network.”The project leader said.