According to the case theory! Selling your bank card also has a prison sentence?

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Open trial.Rednet moment On February 24 news (correspondent Tan Zefei) to severely crack down on the use of information network to implement the crime, On February 22, the People’s Court of Yanling County publicly tried and sentenced a crime case to help information network crime.The case is one of zhuzhou area to help information network crime crime sentencing, the defendant Peng mou to help information network crime, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of eight months, and fined 5,000 yuan.In the first half of 2020, Peng, knowing that the bank cards purchased by others may be used for information network crimes, still sold a China Construction bank card and a China Industrial and Commercial bank card and the supporting U Shield under his name to a strange man for payment and settlement at the price of 500 yuan per set.Afterwards, because this strange man did not pay the agreed reward, Peng mou did not profit.After the two bank cards into a total of MORE than 880,000 yuan, on May 28, 2020, Huo mou, Wu mou and other 13 people were telecom fraud funds of more than 320,000 yuan into peng provided China construction bank card circulation.The court heard that the defendant Peng mou knowingly others use information network to commit a crime, still provide payment settlement help, the circumstances are serious, its behavior constitutes the crime of helping information network crime, and the defendant Peng mou is a recidivism, should be given a heavier punishment.Yanling court then made the above judgment in accordance with the law.In recent years, there has been a high incidence of network crimes. Criminals use bank cards and phone cards to carry out network fraud, which poses a serious threat to people’s property security.Yanling Court has actively played the role of adjudication, severely cracked down on cyber crimes, severely punished criminals, formed a strong deterrent to “two card” crimes, and earnestly maintained social security and stability.