Dragon TV’s Year of the Tiger Gala returned to glory, thanks to the collaboration of three beautiful women, ranking second in China’s ratings

2022-07-26 0 By

In recent years, Dragon TV has too many advertisements, and most of the hosts familiar with it cannot host. Therefore, many netizens say that they basically do not want to watch Shanghai TV. They either change the channel when they see it, or they will watch less advertisements.But this year’s Dragon TV in the Performance of the Spring Festival Gala is more outstanding, even in the national TV ratings ranked second, only next to Beijing TV.After all, Dragon TV, which had been ignored by most netizens, made a brilliant comeback this year.The reason for the huge success is probably due to the first reason is the return of The Crown, the second reason is the young and beautiful and popular Feng Lin, and everyone’s expectations for actress Tang Yan.Tang Yan is also a popular Shanghai native, her participation will also make people want to see.In addition, there is high popularity of Xie Na, Zhang Jie husband and wife singing, and high heat song Xiaobao performance program, Song Xiaobao itself is a funny person, like to see the sketch of the basic people have seen song Xiaobao’s sketch, anyway, I often brush to his sketch, itself usually also like to see his sketch.The dongshi big change of the lineup also does let a lot of people to dragon TV Spring Festival Gala curiosity, have expectations.Of course, the success of audience rating is inseparable from the close cooperation of the host and the performing guests. If Dragon TV replaces Cao Kefan with a handsome new male host, will the audience rating be higher?After all, there is a very beautiful host on Beijing SATELLITE TV. She hosted the Spring Festival Gala for the first time and became a hot search because she was so beautiful, what do you think?This article is not easy, look forward to praise attention and comments, a lifetime of good luck, thank you.