Huaian a newborn can not report household registration?His medical birth certificate number was mistaken by the market

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Yangzi evening news network – April 1 (correspondent Yang ling Xu Qi reporter Zhu Dingzhao) as is known to all, the serial Numbers of the census to newborn babies need medical birth certificate, but almost huaian xuyi a newborn Dai Mou a declaration is not a registered permanent residence, it turns out that WaiShi census to police for newborns, operator error, will register number as it is,That number happened to be Dai’s medical birth number.Fortunately, after the xuyi police cross-city cooperation, finally in March 31 for dai a successful declaration of residence.On the afternoon of March 30, a person appeared at the Maba (Guanyinsi) police station of the Xuyi County Public Security Bureau in Huaian city, claiming to complain about the “inaction” of the public security organs.It turned out that he was the father of a newborn baby, holding a neonatal medical birth certificate, but was told that he could not declare his hukou.The reason is that the medical birth number of newborn babies has appeared on the population management and police platform. According to the regulations of household registration management, one medical birth number can only be applied for one household registration, which cannot be recorded into the platform.Police after cross-city cooperation for dai a successful declaration of account.Dai And Li got married in November 2019. They gave birth to a boy named Dai in the Xuyi People’s Hospital in mid-March 2022.The hospital issued a medical birth certificate no. U320661***.Police in the input population management police platform, found that this number has been registered for use.Use for Zou mou (children), the department of other city in the province.Dai mou wen because the baby hit children’s vaccine hospital needs id number, originally happy to the police station to his son Dai mou registered permanent residence, but was told not to declare registered permanent residence, very angry, mood immediately out of control.Think is the police station deliberately create difficulties, do not give the registered permanent residence, on the spot to complain to the police station.Police immediately contacted the Xuyi People’s Hospital and confirmed that Dai’s medical birth number was correct.Police analysis of the two cities separated by 400 kilometers, two children 16 months apart, the medical birth number is the same, the only possibility is the city input wrong account.The police reported through layers of cross-city cooperation, coordination of external public security organs to cooperate with the investigation, in the external public security organs with strong support, the investigation found that zou mou (children), medical birth number U320361***, in December 2020 when the registered residence,The operator mistakenly recorded the fifth digit “3” in the medical birth number U320361*** into “6”, resulting in the number of an unborn Dai’s medical birth certificate U320661*** to be entered into the population management police platform in advance. The public security organ in the other city timely corrected the medical birth number of Zou (a child).Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News