Lawyer Liu Hongwei talks about three explanations of good men

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The standard of a good man varies from person to person, and the author has the following three explanations: 1, do not smoke, do not drink, do not gamble has exceeded 70 percent of the men.The street often says a word: do you not smoke, do not drink, do not play mahjong, do not engage in women?Are you still a man then?It is true that in the men’s circle, smoking, drinking and gambling men proportion is very high, the pursuit of pushing a cup for a cup of wine, most of these men have nothing, but also complain that his wife is too strict, in fact, if you meet a strict self-discipline without or few bad habits of the man has been quite difficult.So it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s lucky to meet a man who has no bad hobbies and a job to support his family.Cherish a man like that.Man is a complex of complex role, is both a male creatures, it is force to be reckoned with in the family and society, is the son, is father, brother, husband and so on, thus man born should learn what is the sense of responsibility, a good man is to be able to act well on the self life of the stage play various roles,A strong body, a sound mind, a deep sense of responsibility, indomitable perseverance, good character and so on are the basic elements of a good man, and is also an excellent male pronoun.2, have a job and can be a “family cook male” woman is happy, such a man is a good gentleman, just as men evaluate girls: on the hall of the kitchen.So it would be a blessing to have one of these.It refers to a person who is perfectly capable of doing all aspects of housework.In the work, interpersonal communication and can take charge of one’s own, the process of tact.Successful career: life is actually marriage, family and career.The most important thing for a man’s sense of family responsibility is whether he has the ambition to support his family: education expenses, tuition and miscellaneous expenses, buying a house, buying a car, medical treatment, children getting married…An excellent man must be a great husband who rushes into the world to write a period of spring and autumn.