Nanning city bottled liquefied natural gas prices rose, reached a record high

2022-07-26 0 By

The price of crude oil has soared on the international energy market due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.Reporters visited a number of outlets with gas business qualifications in Nanning city bottled gas found that the current retail price of 12kg bottled gas is 135 yuan or 136 yuan (including service fees), 10 yuan higher than before, the retail price of bottled gas has reached a historical high.On March 15, a bottled gas outlet in Liwan Road, Nanning city, the reporter saw that the retail price of a 12-kilogram bottle of gas was 135 yuan per bottle (including service charge).The price of 4 kg is 60 yuan/bottle;The price of 45 kg is 490 yuan/bottle.Staff said the price increase was a week ago.”Higher upstream costs inevitably feed through to the downstream retail market.”A gas company marketing director told reporters that the impact of soaring oil prices on gas prices is very obvious, from the beginning of March, the company had to adjust prices, and advance the release of price increases notice.On March 15, the price of a 12-kilogram bottle of liquefied natural gas posted on a billboard in nanning rose to 130 yuan, plus a 5 yuan service charge.South China Morning News client reporter Zou Cailin photo to view the relevant information found that in 2019, out of the consideration of eliminating safety risks, and in order to reduce the load of gas delivery personnel, Nanning gas industry unified the original 14.5 kg bottled gas, replaced by 12 kg specifications, then the price of each can is more than 90 yuan,Today it has risen to more than 130 yuan, including service charges.”Even if the user’s bottle is 14.5kg, the gas volume is 12kg.”The person in charge of the Marketing Department of a gas company said that at present, the cylinders used by major companies in Nanning are basically 12 kg, but it does not rule out that some outlets still continue to use 14.5kg specifications of cylinders.In the interview, the reporter found that all the bottled gas outlets in Nanning city have risen the price, the highest to 136 yuan/bottle (including service charge), some higher floors, will add service charge.The personage inside course of study expresses, bottled air short period supply won’t have apparent change, some citizens set out from economic cost, may choose to use cooker etc. more.