Shiyan employment situation in the first quarter of the report released new urban employment of 15,701 people

2022-07-26 0 By

Recently, the municipal bureau of people and Social security issued a quarterly employment situation analysis report.By the end of March, 15,701 new urban jobs had been created in the city, up 111.1% compared with the same period last year.The first-quarter employment situation analysis report shows that by the end of March, the city’s new urban employment of 15,701 people, 172.5% of the target of 9,100 people, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 111.1%.3,693 unemployed people were reemployed, 160.6 percent of the 2,300 completed the target task, an increase of 17.1 percent over the same period last year.The number of people having difficulty finding jobs reached 2,169, 197.2 percent of the 1,100 who met the target and an increase of 33.9 percent over the same period last year.A total of 186.718 million yuan of guaranteed loans was issued, 133.3% of the target of 140 million yuan in the first quarter, up 193.2% compared with the same period last year.The registered urban unemployment rate was 3.47%, kept within 5.5%, and the overall employment situation in The city was stable.According to a special survey on the return of migrant workers to their hometowns, 247,000 had returned to their hometowns before the Spring Festival in 2022. By the end of March, 243,000 had returned to their hometowns, including 167,000 to find jobs outside the province and 76,000 to find jobs in the province.According to the city’s college students stay (return) weir work statistics, in the first quarter, a total of 2890 college students achieved employment, employment types are mainly administrative institutions, all kinds of enterprises, independent entrepreneurship, self-employment, etc., employment channels present a diversified trend.In the first quarter, the city carried out 440 online and offline job fairs of spring breeze action series of “employment protection, employment promotion and help for a good start”, and recruited more than 16,800 people from 4,635 enterprises.The employment department of the city carries out “targeted training” for the unemployed who have training intention, and directs them to enterprises to achieve employment.By the end of March, 1,824 people had been trained for welders, industrial robots, garment processing, elderly care and other urgently needed jobs, 1,145 of whom had completed their courses, and 735 of whom had been employed by transportation enterprises after graduation.The city offers job introduction and online and offline job fairs for the unemployed who are willing to work.Unemployed people who are willing to start their own businesses will be provided with entrepreneurship training, opening guidance and financing services to help them start their own businesses.Since the beginning of this year, 818 people have been helped to start their own businesses, creating 2,724 new jobs.For the unemployed who have difficulty finding jobs, those who meet the conditions are provided with public welfare posts. Up to now, a total of 2,114 people have been provided with public welfare posts in the city.(Qin Chu network reporter Wu Zhongbin)