2.0T+8AT, dual-color appearance, retro and personality!Let me show you the MINI JCW

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For most car companies, making money is the first priority, so they need more sales.But there is a car company is an exception, the slogan is also very interesting, is for a few people to enjoy the happiness, this car company is MINI.Today we are going to talk about the MINI JCW.What else does the MINI JCW have to offer besides cute looks and power?Today we are going to talk about the configuration of the 2022 2.0T JOHN COOPER WORKS All-in, the official price is 346,800.In terms of exterior design, the MINI JCW is easy to admire. The front of the MINI JCW is equipped with cute round double-ring LED headlights, penetrating red trim, smoked black net and hollow air intake hood. It is cute and fashionable, but sporty.On the side of the model, the MINI JCW adopts the design of floating roof, and carries the red roof and gray body, which makes the sporty feeling very ideal.And the way of single-side single door also shows the difference.As for the hub, it is full of personality, carrying the suspension hub of alternating light and dark, equipped with red calipers, smoked door handles, a small steel gun shape.The tail uses the design of two exhaust pipes, and is still in the middle of the design, dynamic movement performance has been reflected very obvious.The sports rear wing is located at the top of the body, which is also full of personality.Take a closer look at the interior structure of the taillight. Does it look like the Union Jack?In terms of body data, the MINI JCW measures 3874/1727/1452mm in length, width and height, and 2495mm in wheelbase.As for the interior design, reflects a good sense of technology, and with the retro sense of coexistence.The central control part is equipped with a large circular screen design of 8.8 inches, and has CarPlay and CarLife functions. Compared with the previous generation of models, the evolution is quite obvious.In addition, also has a racing seat, with good packaging and fashion sense.More importantly, the MINI JCW is made of leather and has a softer seat.The driving computer screen adopts the suspension design of full LIQUID crystal, equipped with leather steering wheel and segmatic panoramic skylight, which makes driving more comfortable.As for the seating space, the four-seat design is adopted. The comfort level of the rear seat is relatively general. The space is not large but sufficient, and there is no pressure for daily shopping.The MINI JCW is powered by a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with 231 horsepower and 320N·m of peak torque, and uses an eight-gear self-contained transmission.The chassis structure is a front-drive four-wheel independent suspension, the power system at call, giving a smooth and powerful comfort.In addition, it also carries three driving modes, namely sport, balance and energy saving mode. When you turn on the sport gear, there will be exhaust noise, which makes the gear change faster and the acceleration more agile.In energy-saving mode, the steering wheel is lighter, the fuel consumption is lower, and the power is more gentle.