Fresh electricity business competition is fierce profit problem is difficult to solve

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Fresh electricity business competition is increasingly white-hot.”I have five or six apps on my phone just to buy vegetables.”Consumer Ms Lin told reporters.In recent years, fresh new retail industry has developed rapidly. However, after experiencing rapid offline expansion, massive capital entry and massive subsidy “money burning”, the industry still faces the problem of how to make profits.Under multiple rounds of shuffling, there are more and more patterns on the fresh track. However, the majority of consumers still value the price, product freshness and distribution speed.On March 27, 2017, journalists evaluated mainstream food shopping apps from multiple dimensions.Delivery time varies widely, with some platforms taking just 13 minutes to receive the goods, while others took as much as 56 minutes.As for the delivery cost, if it is not new customers, first order discount, members, etc., the order amount that does not reach the platform’s threshold of free shipping will be charged freight. It is understood that the freight of mainstream APP varies from 3 to 6 yuan.On the morning of the 27th, reporters in Hema, Meituan to buy food, ding Dong to buy food and Pupu APP order to buy food.Vegetable category selection, the reporter chooses the more common Chinese cabbage.A search on Hema, Meituan Mai CAI and Ding Dong Mai CAI apps showed the cabbage at 3.99 yuan per portion, which weighs about 300 grams, according to the page.During the noon order period on the same day, the reporter searched “cabbage” on the Pupu APP, the results page only showed the cabbage seedlings, Yunnan Shanghai Green, Shanghai green and other products, while the organic cabbage said “will soon arrive”;The cabbage boy also showed “about to arrive tomorrow night.”In the end, the reporter ordered 3.99 yuan (about 300 grams) of cabbage from the three Chinese cabbage apps.Pu Pu, similar bok choy is out of stock, the reporter ordered 7.99 yuan/share of milk cabbage seedlings.Delivery speed: the fastest time: 13 minutes, the slowest 56 minutes from the successful order and payment to the delivery of the Courier home. According to the reporter’s test, it takes 13 minutes for Meituan to buy food;Hema takes 40 minutes;It takes ding Dong 56 minutes to buy food and deliver it home.Park’s delivery took 53 minutes.The time of placing orders on the same day was between 11:30 p.m. and 12:00 p.m., and some platforms showed that it was the peak of distribution.Although the delivery time varies from platform to platform, they are all within the estimated delivery time shown on their APP pages.Distribution fee: 3~6 yuan and free threshold of different reporters to buy 3.99 yuan/a cabbage, 7.99 yuan/a milk cabbage seedlings, the platform distribution fee how to calculate?According to tests, the Ding Dong Mai CAI APP is free of a delivery fee of 5 yuan.Meituan shopping page shows a delivery fee of 3 yuan, but due to a discount, this order is free of delivery fee.Pu pu showed a new user coupon deducted 3 yuan delivery fee, free delivery.Hema will need 6 yuan of freight if the order does not reach the limit of “free 6 yuan freight if the order reaches 39 yuan”.The reporter later found that according to the Ding Dong buy food APP, the current address of the order less than 28 yuan, a delivery fee of 5 yuan, each user has a free delivery fee.When the reporter orders the same product again, the page has shown that there is 5 yuan distribution fee;Similarly, Meituan Mai CAI has regulations on the delivery fee. If the order amount is less than 15 yuan, the delivery fee is 3 yuan.When the order amount is greater than or equal to 15 yuan, free shipping.When the reporter ordered another 3.99 yuan cabbage, Meituan charged 3 yuan for delivery.On Pupu, orders of 19 yuan or more are free of delivery fee, and orders of less than 19 yuan are charged 3 yuan per single delivery fee.For many fresh platforms emerging in the market, consumers Miss Lin said that the download of so many APPS, mainly because of the registration of new members have a discount, “now there are no more coupons than before.”After a large number of subsidies “money burning” stage, at this stage, online fresh needs to rely more on product richness, distribution service, after-sales response speed, product quality and so on to retain consumers.Reporters found in the interview, multiple platforms used together, buy different fresh products with different platforms, is the choice of many consumers.Consumer Miss Chen told reporters, for example, live shrimp, Meituan has half a catty to sell, in the Hema APP, base shrimp, Shrimp, shrimp and so on are sold at a catty, “the former has half a catty of choice is more friendly.For fruit and dairy products, Hema is more than Meituan and Ding Dong.”According to “e-commerce treasure” big data shows that in 2021, fresh e-commerce transaction scale reached 465.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 27.92%.At the same time, the penetration rate of fresh e-commerce industry in 2021 will reach 7.91%.Although the transaction scale has increased, it has been plagued by product quality, quality control and profitability in the recent period of fresh e-commerce circuit.Earlier this month, ding Dong Maicai was interviewed and investigated by relevant authorities for media reports that dead fish were being passed off as live fish, bags were being changed without authorization, and daily disinfection was becoming a mere form.Recently, there was an online rumor that hema was selling a crocodile called “Resurrection”, and hema immediately denied the rumor through its official weibo account.In recent years, many competitors have emerged in online fresh food competition, and various platforms face a lot of pressure to survive.The vast majority of fresh e-commerce is still in the red.In the fourth quarter of last year, Ding Dong Mai CAI reported a net loss of 1.096 billion yuan, compared with 1.246 billion yuan in the same period in 2020, according to financial reports.In 2021, the annual net loss was 6.43 billion yuan, and in the same period in 2020, the net loss was 3.18 billion yuan.According to daily Youxian’s financial report for the third quarter of 2021, the net loss attributable to common shareholders was 974 million yuan, 58.12% higher than the same period in 2020.Data show that from 2019 to the third quarter of 2021, daily Youxian accumulated losses of nearly 7.6 billion yuan.Mo Daiqing, a senior analyst and director of the Network retail Department of the E-commerce research Center of the Network economic Society, said that in 2022, fresh e-commerce “card war” is further upgraded.In addition, the fresh electricity business pattern has not been completely stable, the future fresh market will present a coexistence of vegetable market, supermarket and community fresh and other formats.