Huilongpu Town: To ensure the safety and smooth Spring Festival transport

2022-07-27 0 By

Melts the media center in ningxiang, dispatch (reporter Xin-ming sun correspondent Wei-hua CAI) for readjusting the bottom line of thinking, insist on people first, supremacy of life, awareness of the current face a complicated form of road safety, road traffic safety in real earnest during the Spring Festival in 2022 a comprehensive work, ensure that the whole town road traffic safe open, back to the shop dragon town measures simultaneously,For the Spring Festival road traffic safety escort.Spread during the Spring Festival, back to the dragon town traffic regulation squadron joint attendant, city public security bureau traffic police brigade order squadron, district police station, chengguan squadrons, traffic, traffic XunZhaZu persuasion member and villages (communities) traffic advocate actively implement the shop back to dragon town 2022 travel road safety plan, ensure smooth domain traffic safe.Starting from New Year’s Eve, a patrol team (two cars and four people) will carry out uninterrupted patrols from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.A law enforcement team (five people in a car) shuttles from 7 o ‘clock in the morning to all levels of roads in the town, carrying out patrols, propaganda, civilized persuasion, rational law enforcement and other work.During the Spring Festival, a civilization persuasion team (13 people at 9 o ‘clock) still sticks to their posts, carrying out civilization persuasion from 7 am to 8 PM every day, timely persuading uncivilized behaviors and reporting road conditions.Each of the 7 villages (communities) has a patrol vehicle walking on the main road of each village to persuade, comprehensively ensuring the safe and smooth road traffic within the town.Since the Spring Festival holiday, all the teams have overcome all kinds of difficulties and conscientiously performed their duties, found problems, timely reported to the upward, and actively assisted in dealing with them.Such as inspectors in the morning patrol found longjiang Avenue because of sewer blockage, drainage is not free, causing water over the road, affecting vehicles.Back to the town of long Pu political and legal committee member Jiang Xiaoping, town traffic regulation squadron captain CAI Weihua, immediately brought tools and traffic inspection group together with emergency treatment, because the sewer was all blocked by silt and immediately arranged dredging to clear the silt, finally eliminate safety hazards.On the second day morning, the whole town called department of county-rural cadres, cadres, volunteers and community of more than 80 people, mainly guards in S537, S539, X091, longjiang road, such as easy to wall area, due to the relatively concentrated, relatives and friends to go out in the morning time much more special, personnel vehicle caused extensive congestion phenomenon, under all staff actively cooperate, coordinate,At about 12 o ‘clock at noon, the whole line unblocked, to ensure that there was no traffic accident.Ningxiang editor: Qing Snow copyright belongs to the original author, to pay tribute to the original