Men move to you, will be willing to give up these three things for you

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Love does not know where, a deep.Love, with its charm, full of magic.When you fall in love with someone, you can’t remember the exact moment when you fell in love and then fell in love with them.Love, not only can make the heart of the people drunk, but also influence him, change him, so that he presents an unprecedented appearance.After the man meets the beloved woman, very anxious for her to dig out all their tenderness, pour out all their deep feeling for her.For the love of the woman, willing to pay their own everything, can not help but convergence of all the edge, and strive to show their best side.This is left to the deep love of women’s privileges and treatment, is exclusive to the deep love of the woman’s exclusive pet and gentle.If a man did not fall in love with you, so he in front of you, still will maintain my way of doing things, do that aloof and arrogant, arrogant of their own, not willing to easily make compromises and concessions.Don’t care about you, naturally won’t worry about your feelings, won’t care about your eyes, more won’t give up their own edge and pride for you.A man who has feelings for you is willing to give up these three things for you.Everyone has his own personality and stubbornness more or less.In front of outsiders used to wear a strong mask, show their strong side, this is a kind of protection for their own.Like a hedgehog, as long as the danger, will curl up the body, standing up all over the thorns, to protect themselves against the outside world.When they have been wronged, suffering unfair treatment, naturally will use stubborn to protect themselves, to defend their dignity.It’s part of human nature, a self-preservation mechanism.Only in the face of their love of the person, little by little will be off guard, put away the sharp thorns, release the gentle heart.When a man is in love with you, he will be willing to abandon his stubbornness, tolerate your willfulness, spoil you and accommodate you everywhere.This is a kind of deep feeling, a gentle, a care.The person who loves you, will pour out tenderness for you, care about your feelings, give up their stubborn and stubborn for you.Everyone has their own pride, in their own world, do their own king, everything is self-centered.No one is allowed to occupy their territory, to seize their pride, to protect their self-esteem.Only in the face of the beloved person, will be willing to put down their self-esteem and pride, show their humble side, let the other party feel their heart.If a man is willing to give up his pride for you, indulge you everywhere, try to win your favor, want to bring you happiness, it shows that he loves you deeply.And a man who does not love you, from the beginning to the end will maintain a proud attitude in front of you, a pair of indifferent expression, do not care about your feelings, do not care about your emotions.Since I don’t love you, THERE is no place for you in my heart. Then, all your joys and sorrows, your ups and downs, are just a trivial matter to him.Only those who love you, will care about your feelings, willing to make changes for you, give up their pride, just for your sunshine smile.When a man is in front of a woman he doesn’t love, he looks cold and indifferent. He never cares about her or what she thinks.No matter she is happy or sad, men do not care about her, do not care about her, or comfort her.Don’t love a person, on behalf of this person in his mind no place, this person is just a dispensable existence.When a man falls in love with a woman, he will take the initiative to come to her world and try his best to make her happy, just like a ray of sunshine, shining into her windowsill, bringing warmth and hope to her.In a man’s heart, a woman’s happiness is very important to him, as long as it can make her feel happy, he suffers some grievances, it doesn’t matter.If a man is willing to give up his indifference for you, warm up your world, and always wrap you in love and tenderness, he is really interested in you.Only the person who loves you will be willing to warm you, bring you warmth, light up your world, let you feel his deep feeling and love.Emotional message: Men seem to be more rational than women, more cold.Actually, the man’s enthusiasm and gentleness give oneself beloved woman only ever.When a man is in love with you, he will give up his stubbornness, pride and indifference, tolerate your willfulness, win your favor and warm your world.If you are lucky enough to meet a man who loves you so much, and love him deeply, please cherish the hard-won fate, do not live up to his tenderness and deep feeling.The author, a sentimental girl who loves writing, reading and laughing.Let’s heal our hearts with words and warm our lives with emotions.Thank you for your attention, sharing and liking.I will continue to work hard to create better works, live up to your love, please look forward to.