Thanks to Shui Qingxia, thanks to Sun Wen, thanks to Wang Shanshan!You make people believe that There is a miracle in Chinese football

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Beijing time on February 4, at 1 am today at the latest by the end of the women’s Asian cup semi-final game, the Chinese women’s team under the condition of the backward twice hard to staged reversal, finally depending on penalty shoot-out with the total score “to beat rivals, advance to the finals of the Asian cup, the last champion will compete with South Korea.The spirit of the Chinese women’s soccer team during the match was amazing. I don’t know what you think about it. You can leave a comment below and let’s interact.In the game, the Chinese women’s football is very passive, king the team at the core of the star cream to accidentally sprained my ankle injury before the start of the game, the Chinese women’s team in the group and the quarter-finals scored 14 goals in total, including frost himself he scored five goals, but also assists a few balls, can say, more than half of the offense is initiated by her,It’s really worrying what the Chinese women’s soccer team can do without her.It was a tough start, too, with striker Riko Uechi heading home a goal in the 25th minute to complicate matters for China, who had only 25 percent possession in the first half.At the end of the half, Shui Qingxia replaced Xiao Yuyi to strengthen the left side of the attack, xiao Yuyi just appeared less than a minute, on the left side of the ball sent a precise cross, teammate Wu Chengshu steal in front of the goal to score the equaliser, the passive situation.Since then the Chinese women’s team stubbornly dragged the game into extra-time, veteran LouJiaHui of twice in the second half of the match the waist injury, can’t stick to eventually be substituted, then the Chinese team in the 85th minute and rival 96 minutes twice came close to being dead, the first is a rival, and second is shot hit the woodwork.Escaped the Chinese women’s team, in the 104th minute strike, continue wooden lining the header scored again, drag the Chinese women’s team to the deep, but in the 118th minute, the guest to play the whole throughout the centre-back striker vian stand out, as the captain of the team, she in front of the door in the middle of the secondary attack rob some scoring the ball,The Chinese women’s soccer team made a frantic last-gasp equaliser to force the match into a penalty shootout.Penalty kicks up the Chinese team goalkeeper Zhu Yu rush off his opponent’s penalty, then the Chinese team play wide viann nickname, the two sides in the second to the fourth round of all to the last critical moment, goalkeeper Zhu Yu will play in the middle of a penalty save from rivals, the Chinese side is veteran vian, as the last ball firmly taking as anchored scores, and wild celebrations Chinese women’s football team,Knocked out Japan, the World Cup champion and two-time Asian Cup champion, and put an end to Japan’s dream of a third consecutive title.On this night, although there was no live broadcast on CCTV, there were still many fans watching the game in different ways.Why is that?Because we also hope that after the Chinese men’s football team suffered a blow here, we hope to see a miracle from the Chinese women’s football team, to see the motivation to continue to pay attention to Chinese football, the results of the Chinese women’s football team did not let the whole Chinese people down, they are the pride of 1.4 billion people.Thanks to Sun Wen, Thanks to Shui Qingxia, thanks to Wang Shanshan, thanks to the whole Chinese women’s football team, thanks to all the people who made efforts to put the Chinese women’s football team back on track in the second half of last year!