Wendeng: “Shinji” creates a charming village

2022-07-27 0 By

Wendeng Gejia town since the promotion of credit supermarket construction, the town has 67 village credit supermarkets built and put into operation.Recently, Gejia town Zhongwangtuan village in 2022 credit supermarket re-opened, and set up the “rainbow Zhongtuan” volunteer service team.In 2021, Zhongwangtuan village Party branch to strengthen the leadership of credit governance, according to the actual situation of the village, the establishment of “Rainbow Zhongwangtuan” volunteer service team, the introduction of star rating standards into the credit system, according to the household credit score, according to the three-level classification standards of the annual “star credit civilized household”.In the activity, they on the “rainbow medium wangtuan” voluntary service team of seven squadrons under the central banner, and for last year’s selection of 18 civilized household representatives award prizes.In order to give full play to the role of credit incentives, villagers are also organized to exchange their credits in credit supermarkets according to their credit score in 2021.”I think it is quite good that the village runs this credit supermarket, which increases people’s understanding of credit.I also participated in various volunteer activities in the village, accumulated a lot of credit points, by the end of the year to exchange a lot of credit products.This year, I hope to continue to participate in various volunteer activities held in the village, accumulate more credit points for myself, buy more credit products, and make more contributions to the village.”Gejia town in wang Tuan village villager Lv Xinping said.Now, gejia town has more than 9,000 people participating in volunteer activities, 7,000 people participating in credit points exchange.Gejia Town will continue to innovate the ideas of credit governance, optimize the credit mechanism, improve the assessment system, further enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of rural people to participate in credit construction, to create a “Gejia model” of credit system construction.(Wen Dengrong Media reporter/Li Jinpeng correspondent/Du Hongjia) -END- Source: Wen Dengrong Media