Beijing Winter Olympic torchbearers, huaibei people!

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Cheng Hongbin (right), the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games arrived at fulong Ski Resort in Chongli on February 3.Cheng Hongbin, the national model worker, secretary of CPC Committee and chairman of China Railway 16th Bureau Group, is the outstanding representative of the construction of the Winter Olympics project and the alumnus of Huaibei No.1 Middle School in 1981, completed the torch relay task in the ski resort.His speech also boarded the People’s Daily, Cheng Hongbin: to become a torchbearer of the Winter Olympics, the excitement in the heart is indescribable, every step at the foot of the supreme glory!Beijing has become the only Olympic city in the world, ushering in the “ice and snow engagement” with the rest of the world, vividly displaying the diverse landscapes of China’s vigorous development in the new era.Seeing the Taichong Section of Chongli Railway, a key supporting project of the Winter Olympic Games that we undertook to build, welcoming guests and friends from all over the world, and hearing the glorious departure of Chinese ice and snow athletes from the Laiyuan National Ski Jumping training base that we undertook to build, I feel very proud and excited.As a manager of a central enterprise, I will return to work with the honor of carrying the torch, and lead the enterprise to continue to devote itself to the construction of sports infrastructure, transportation facilities, public service guarantee and other fields, so as to make new and greater contributions to promoting the development of national sports cause and ice and snow sports.I sincerely wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success. I look forward to seeing athletes with passion in the snow and ice, and people of all countries working hand in hand to usher in a bright future.Guo Dandan (right), China’s first world champion skier, and Cheng Hongbin carry the torch.In this year’s CCTV spring evening also has a huaibei No. 1 middle school alumni by the national hundreds of millions of viewers – Zhou Feihu in CCTV Spring Festival Gala scene to the people of the country he is huaibei No. 1 middle school 1988 alumni, national moral model Zhou Feihu.On the spring night of the Year of the Tiger on CCTV, he paid New Year’s greetings to the people of the whole country together with representatives of “July 1 Medal” winners, “model of The Times” and “most beautiful people”.Zhou Feihu is currently the director, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Critical Care Medicine in the First Medical Center of PLA General Hospital, as well as the vice president of critical Care Physician Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.Zhou Feihu carries out technical assistance In recent years, Zhou Feihu has participated in major international and domestic rescue work for many times, and has successfully completed his tasks.He has won the second-class merit award once and the third-class merit award twice. He was honored as “The National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19”, “the Most Beautiful Foreign Aid Doctor in China” and “China’s Good Doctor”. He was also listed on the “List of Good People in China” and was named the eighth National Moral Model in November 2021.Comprehensive: Huaibei No. 1 Middle School, China Railway 16th Bureau Group, joint qin Assembly Number editorial Department