Details of Dongjiakou Desalination project disclosed

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Recently, it was learned from relevant channels that the Qingdao Dongjiakou Economic Zone seawater desalination PPP project with an investment of 530 million yuan has been completed and put into operation. The project is located in Qingdao Dongjiakou Port District, east of Gangrun Avenue and south of Weisan Road. Some construction details have been disclosed.In order to solve the problem of water supply in Dongjiakou Economic Zone and alleviate the current situation of regional water resource shortage, Qingdao Water Bishuiyuan Seawater Desalination Co., Ltd. invested 530 million yuan to construct “Qingdao Dongjiakou Economic Zone seawater desalination PPP project”.The total planned seawater desalination scale of the project is 300,000 m3/d, of which the design scale of the first phase is 100,000 m3/d.At present, the project is up and running.The factory is located in the east of Gangrun Avenue and south of Weisan Road, Dongjiakou Port area of Qingdao Port. 90m across the road to the north is an enterprise workshop, waste shrimp pond to the east, port yard to the south and west, 175m to the northeast is Saniugou Village, 800m to qiqiwan Village, 1.5km to the east is Langya Taiwan, and 700m to the south is Huaneng Qingdao Thermal Power Co., LTD.It covers a total area of 39974m2 and a building area of 20410m2. It adopts the seawater desalination process of “air flotation + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis”.The effluent water of the project is directly supplied to the industrial water of enterprises in Dongjiakou Economic Zone. The effluent water quality should meet the requirements of chloride ion < 40ppm and pH value 6.5~7.5.Located in the sea area in the southeast of the plant, covering an area of 76.7m2, the water intake head adopts tower type water intake, which is a reinforced concrete structure. The upper edge of the water intake window is below the low water level and a certain distance from the seabed.The method of water intake is nearshore open water intake. The water intake pipe is about 1.7km long, which is laid perpendicular to the shoreline and connects the water intake head with the water intake pump station in the plant. The seawater artesian flow enters the water intake pump suction tank.The water intake pipe adopts a 1.7km long, DN1600 steel polyethylene composite pipe.Three air floating ponds are set in the east side of the plant to pretreat the seawater raw water to remove large particle impurities, algae, suspended matter, oil and so on.There is a seawater desalination workshop, covering an area of 17474.32m2, 193.3m long, 90.4m wide, with UF treatment area, RO treatment area and office area.① Ultrafiltration (UF) treatment area: 87.3m in length and 90.4m in width, including 1 UF inlet pool, 1 SWRO inlet and UF backwash pool, 1 substation, and 1 air compressor room.The seawater after air floatation treatment is taken to the ultrafiltration tank, and then the seawater is taken from the ultrafiltration tank and pressurized into the self-cleaning filter (filtration accuracy is 100μm), and then into the ultrafiltration system for treatment.The water produced by ultrafiltration must meet the inlet water quality requirements of the subsequent reverse osmosis system and ensure the stable operation of the whole reverse osmosis system.② Reverse osmosis (RO) treatment area: 97.5m long, 90.4m wide, equipped with 5 sets of first-level reverse osmosis (SWRO) devices, 6 sets of second-level reverse osmosis (BWRO) devices, 1 concentrated salt pool, 1 dosing room, 2 drug storage room.Two stage reverse osmosis technology is used to desalinate seawater.The daily yield of concentrated brine is about 177,000 m3.Recently, the outlet pipe of Qingdao Dongjiakou Sino-French Water Treatment Plant has been drained from Zhongxin Road (namely Gangrun Avenue) southward through Wei15 Road.In the long term, the 2×350MW "High pressure small" cogeneration project of Dongjiakou of Huaneng Qingdao Thermal Power Co., Ltd. will be completed, and the concentrated brine drainage pipeline of the project will be connected to huaneng Thermal Power, and the drainage pipeline will be discharged through the drainage port of Huaneng.The concentrated brine is discharged through the concentrated brine pipeline. The concentrated brine pipe is connected to The Gangrun Avenue of the port area from the west side of the factory and laid southward along the road. The actual construction of DN1200 concentrated brine pipe is 2158m, which is connected to the existing rainwater pipe of Dongjiakou Port area and drained into the sea at the rainwater outlet at the corner of D5 berth and D6 berth.It is reported that Qingdao Water Bishuiyuan is a joint venture company established in December 2013 with Qingdao Water Group using PPP mode. The total investment of the project amounts to 900 million yuan. After the completion and operation of the first phase of the seawater desalination project, it can solve about 20% of the industrial water in Dongjiakou Economic Zone.