Emery wear-resisting floor is suitable for commercial floor with load bearing

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Emery wear-resisting floor, also known as inorganic aggregate wear-resisting floor, wear-resisting floor, hardened floor, hard floor, hard floor wear-resisting floor material is a kind of dry ground hardener, can be mixed in the factory, site use.It is mainly composed of high-strength cement, inorganic wear-resistant aggregate, pigment powder (cement without primary color), admixture, etc. Aggregate is sandy, with an average particle size of 1.5mm, accounting for about 60% of the total;The cement is treated with high grade cement.In addition to the natural color of cement, there are many colors to choose from, such as red, yellow, green, gray and so on.The ingredients of hardener aggregate are natural ores.It is a rustless metal aggregate with a hardness greater than 8 Mohs.Cement and pigment, other than natural ore aggregate, shall not exceed 25% of the total weight.This product is directly coated on the surface of concrete or cement mortar in the initial setting stage, and forms a hard, wear-resistant, dust-free and beautiful hardened ground after leveling.Today, xiaobian take you to understand the characteristics of emery wear-resistant floor.I hope it helps you.1. Optional color, compact surface, not easy to dust, easy to clean.2. It is the substitute of traditional industrial terrazzo.3. Synchronous construction with concrete, can be quickly put into use;4. Low cost and high performance ratio.Long service life.5. Excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and compression resistance;Emery floor is suitable for all kinds of industrial, civil and commercial floors that need to withstand frequent vehicle walking, frequent impact of heavy objects, frequent sharp hardening friction, non-corrosive chemicals, clean and beautiful with low requirements.