Following the cancellation of “recognize housing and recognize loans”, Gansu to raise the provident fund loan amount

2022-07-28 0 By

Following the cancellation of the “recognized and recognized loan”, relax restrictions on sales, Gansu province housing fund management center issued a notice said that the housing provident fund individual housing loan maximum.According to the spirit of the document “Several Measures of Lanzhou City to Further Optimize the Business Environment by Implementing the Strategy of Strengthening the Provincial Capital (No. 1)”, gansu Provincial Housing Fund Management Center will adjust the maximum amount of individual housing loans from the housing provident Fund to 700,000 yuan from 600,000 yuan for married employees since April 6, 2022.Single capture puts worker 500 thousand yuan adjustment is 600 thousand yuan.In addition, April 5, lanzhou, gansu province issued “the capital of lanzhou city to carry out the strong strategy to further optimize the environment of business measures (no. 1), the big four” hard measures to optimize the environment of business “, which measures 4 clearly put forward to reduce threshold, increase support of accumulation fund loan, cancel the individual buys a “housing to recognize and identify credit”, relax restricted, let go of the third set of housing policy in an all-round way,We will promote the steady development of the real estate market.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhu Kaiyun editor/Tian Ye