Lianyungang city took multiple measures to deploy forest fire prevention work

2022-07-28 0 By

“According to the characteristics of forest fire prevention in spring, we urgent pull in armed police detachment, city fire team, haizhou and huaguo mountain professional fire-fighting team around 100 people, to carry out the forest fire fighting and rescue combat pulling exercises, using the ‘total factor, the whole chain, the whole process of the practice pattern, ascend a gleam of fire rescue disposal ability.”Yesterday, the city emergency management related person in charge.In view of the fact that tomb worship during the Qingming Festival is very prone to forest fires, Lianyungang city has taken multiple measures, maintained a high pressure situation, and firmly achieved the “four in place”, grasping the forest fire prevention work, and resolutely put an end to forest fires.Grasp the organization, responsibility to implement in place.On March 20, Lianyungang city organized a meeting on forest fire prevention during the Qingming Festival to summarize the forest fire prevention work during the Spring Festival, arrange and arrange the forest fire prevention work during the Qingming Festival in a timely manner, and enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility.Recently, the city forest fire prevention headquarters issued a “on the tomb-sweeping Day during the forest fire prevention work notice”;City forest prevention office organized emergency, meteorological, natural resources and other departments during the Qingming Festival forest fire situation analysis and judgment.Grasp propaganda, fire awareness in place.Organize “into the forest area, into the village, into the unit, into the school, into the community, into the scenic area” forest fire prevention publicity and education, in the media in the form of public service advertising, swimming subtitles, weather forecast, publicity of forest fire prevention knowledge, advocating civilization, ecological worship of ancestors;Meteorological departments to mobile phone short messages, bulletin form issued forest fire weather grade forecast;The counties and districts hung fire banners, posted warning slogans, set up fire tablets (cards), arranged publicity vehicles in villages and key forest areas for publicity, using the morning, middle and evening in the village broadcast forest fire knowledge, enhance the awareness of forest fire prevention of the masses.Grasp control, supervision and inspection in place.Strengthen fire inspector, the municipal emergency administration organized to forest fire line to supervise and check, counties were sent fire inspection dense forest fire prevention work to carry out the supervision of small towns, the key supervision shift leaders and perfect forest protection personnel on-the-job, fire prevention system, fire prevention, responsibility to carry out the key forest zone in, fire prevention materials reserves and supervision, etc., to promote fire prevention at the grassroots level to carry out the responsibility.Strengthen the control of fire sources in the field, clean weeds in areas prone to fire at the junction of tombs and forestland, set up sacrificial burning areas in graves, and equipped with fire extinguishing tools;Set up lookout posts in key forest areas, arrange fire fighters in a state of imminent battle;Fire sources shall be collected at the entrance to the mountain and the forest, and a registration and contact system shall be established to ensure that the responsibility is not disjointed and there is no leakage or lack of prevention and control.Grasp the standby, material guarantee in place.Strictly implement 24 hours on duty and leadership shift system during fire prevention period to ensure unimpeded command information, prompt response and efficient operation.Key areas to implement the duty of regular patrols, the city forest prevention office to carry out random checks.Strengthen the front BeiQin, existing forest fire prevention in lianyungang on 12, 186 people, half on 24, 560, as the mainstay of guard against forest fire fighting and disposal and daunting task force, are deployed in forest fire prevention front BeiQin a line, and make arrangement with the rescue force, reasonable use of tactics, to ensure that the fire fighting and rescue efficiency in a timely manner.Strengthen the material reserve, strengthen the construction of forest fire prevention material warehouse, as “peacetime pre-warehouse, wartime headquarters”, regularly update the material reserve, ensure that all materials acceptance and warehousing.(Source: Website of Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government)