Meteorological environment monitoring integrated solution: cooling down

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Warm tips from the integrated solution of meteorological environment monitoring: cooling down!The modern meteorological environment monitoring system is an important part of the meteorological monitoring service system, and also an important basis for improving the public meteorological service ability and improving the accuracy of meteorological forecast.With the development of The Times, intelligent small meteorological equipment has emerged. Through integration, it has become an advanced automatic meteorological station, which can automatically monitor the comprehensive ecological environment information, automatically control and intelligently manage the environment.The integrated solution of meteorological environment monitoring can be used to monitor the meteorological environment factors in the ecological environment in real time, help people to understand the changes of meteorological elements in real time, and provide accurate and systematic data for people to understand the meteorological data of environmental weather conditions and ecological environment comfort index in real time.With the development of time, in order to adapt to the needs of different industries, Shandong Peoplesoft’s comprehensive meteorological environment monitoring solutions are constantly updated and upgraded, and there are monitoring functions to meet the needs of customers.The integrated solution of meteorological environment monitoring adopts internal wiring to prevent corrosion.The pole is high strength carbon steel, rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the internal wiring, beautiful appearance, long service life.The sensor in the equipment adopts the bottom outlet line of 1 to 1 pair insertion mode, each pair of insertion wire is marked, simple assembly, convenient maintenance.The vertical pole has a line maintenance port, and a small joint hole, convenient wiring.Line access ports can also facilitate line maintenance.The external antenna makes the signal stronger. The signal antenna can be pulled out from the bottom of the screen box to absorb the outside of the box or the outside of the waterproof tank to prevent network signal shielding.Meteorological environment monitoring solution configuration a variety of sensors, can monitor a variety of parameters, the solar radiation sensor, the direction of the wind sensor, speed sensor, tilting rain gauge, camera, solar panels (LED display), prevent water tank (internal negative oxygen ion detector and host) and multi-factor shutter box with a mix of different forms of poling stents.The multi-element louver box can monitor a variety of elements in the atmospheric environment, including carbon dioxide sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, PM2.5 sensor, PM10 sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor.The parameters that can be monitored include humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, soil temperature, soil humidity, conductivity, wind speed, wind direction, noise, evaporation, rainfall, SO2, NO2, O3, CO and CO2.In addition, different pole supports can be selected according to different terrain conditions.Fixed weather station: tripod weather station: U type scaffolding weather station: recently the weather changes more and more fast, many times people gradually do not understand, yesterday was sunny, the next day on rain, snow and hail, so all over the country need to do a good job of meteorological monitoring, we should also pay attention to the real-time weather changes.Shandong Peoplesco’s comprehensive solution of meteorological environment monitoring can be connected to the cloud platform to realize a series of operations on the cloud platform, including data export, equipment positioning, overlimit alarm, video query, data modification, multi-terminal view and automatic control.And cloud platform as a neutral platform, it can also be secondary development.Do not think that the application field of weather stations is narrow, and can only be used by some industries related to meteorological monitoring. In fact, it is not. In addition to the meteorological industry, such as smart agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, water conservancy construction, welding for water-saving irrigation, scientific teaching and urban construction can be applied.Have you ever seen a small weather station in your environment?Feel free to leave your thoughts.