Prophetic?Tian Jing’s family went to the supermarket, Xu Min’s pet baby bought toys, Tian Jing ran a card to buy first

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It has been more than a year since the wrong exchange. Xu Min and Yao’s father have arrived in Zhumadian, Henan Province to celebrate the Spring Festival with Guo Wei’s family.Uncle Tian personally drove 12 hours to jiujiang to pick up Xu Min, the family in tuantuan round after dinner, because the time is relatively late on their rest.On a short video platform, Tian jing posted pictures of her family visiting a supermarket together.Because the express has a holiday, a lot of daily necessities can not be sent over, so Tian Jing took Xu Min and Yao dad to the supermarket to buy daily necessities.But after watching the video, but let a person feel, does Tian Jing have the ability to predict the prophet?In the video, Tian jing and her family go to the supermarket together. Xu Min’s pet is buying toys for their two children. Tian Jing also jokes that her son Qiqi has been picking toys and ignoring her.The video shows Xu doting on her two children, wandering around the toy section with them, showing that she really loves them.May Xu Min do so also want to make up for it, after all, Guo Wei was changed for 28 years, in the 28 years, Guo Wei in Du Xinzhi parents big, to help take care of the mentally retarded sister, have time to sell lunch boxes, it can be said is really heartache.And now Guo Wei is already an adult, Xu Min naturally can’t spoil the child like Guo Wei, so all the love in his heart to qi Qi and Yue Yue, good to make up for their love to Guo Wei in 28 years.So when the whole tian Jing family went to the supermarket, Xu Min pet baby to buy toys for Qi Qi and Yue Yue, as the daughter-in-law of Tian Jing, it is not easy to say what.So Tian Jing did not anticipate the prophet, ran a card to buy the bill first, at the checkout time also smiled happily, said that I knew someone would be with their own bill.Now that nurse xu min and yao’s father has come to zhumadian New Year’s day, as a filial child, jing and natural can’t let the old couple pay, guo wei jing big probability is also guessed, nurse xu min and yao’s father will pay, so she prophecy in advance to do a card, and then pay pay first, when engaged in detail place really do that the essence of filial piety.Tian Jing family supermarket, the family is bustling, happy appearance, is really let a lot of people feeling now Xu Min is really happy and warm, there is such filial piety, everything for its daughter-in-law, is not a family not into a house.From tian Jing’s performance, Xu Min came to Henan to celebrate the New Year, not only sent his own brother, Uncle Tian, driving escort, but also prepared a warm gift and made the bed.More because of the lack of home xu Min and Yao dad’s daily necessities, and the whole family to go to the supermarket for a big purchase.Also did not let Xu Min money, but their own pre-emptive do card to pay, really worthy of being called the national good daughter-in-law!