Rain light snow coming!

2022-07-28 0 By

Click on the blue words on us rain light snow solar term has come online “clock in” low temperatures continue to jilin on 19 February 10 7 points continue to release road ice blue warning signal in the next 24 hours, changchun east and north, west, baishan, jilin yanbian, changbai mountain nature reserve has snow weather, may have an impact on the traffic of snow or icy roads,Provincial emergency management department, the provincial meteorological bureau to jointly remind attention to do a good job of prevention.As the first day of the rain solar term, the weather in the province is also very “appropriate” snow in most areas of Jilin Province, the weather around the cold is full of snow is expected to last until tomorrow night snow ~ snow ~ snow ~ rain solar term when can warm up?Good news!21 began to weaken the cold air force will usher in warming in the next three days | weather forecast today night to tomorrow day, the province is cloudy, Changchun, Jilin, Baishan, Yanbian west, Changbai Mountain protection area has light snow.Tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, the province is cloudy and sometimes sunny, north of Changchun, jilin, part of the west of Yanbian snow.From the night of the 21st to the day of the 22nd, the province will be sunny and sometimes cloudy.In the next week | Weather forecast affected by snow in the next three days the temperature of the province is still low public travel please timely increase clothing to prevent the occurrence of colds and other diseases