Six east wind small doritka 5 cleaning suction truck

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Chassis configuration: dongfeng company’s original chassis, Dorica D6 series 1730 single-row cab, manual turnover design, more convenient maintenance.Zhaochai 130/Yuchai 140HP high performance diesel engine, National fifth emission standard, 3308mm wheelbase, 5speed transmission, 3.5t rear axle, 7.00R16 wire tire, 188 double frame, with ABS, with air conditioning, electric window, air brake, central control lock.Configuration: dongfeng 6 cleaning suction truck, sewage tank volume: 3.7 square, water tank volume: 1.7 square.Suction part: suction tank material: high quality carbon steel, 5mm plate thickness.With SK-6 water circulation suction pump or 8 tons oil pump, vertical suction:9-10 meters, by taking power device, a transmission axis, a special vacuum sewage pump, pressure tanks, multiple directional control valves, vacuum sewage pipeline, pipe network system, overflow valve, ball valve diameter aluminum alloy 102, visible as dung tubes, 8 m rubber wire suction sewage pipe on both sides of a root, tanks hydraulic cylinder with the function of lifting and installation can be lifting 45 degrees of tank, hydraulic open the back cover of the hydraulic cylinder,A set of locking device, more clean excretion.Cleaning part: water tank material: high quality carbon steel, the thickness of water tanks on both sides is 4mm, water tanks on both sides communicate with each other, visible water level measuring pipe, fire hydrant inlet interface, sandwich force extractor, equipped with German PINFu high pressure pump, flow rate: 135L/min, pressure:24mpa, automatic hydraulic coil, 10 high-pressure nozzles, 60 meters wear-resistant thick high-pressure pipe, a toolbox and operation box on both sides of the water tank.Vehicle issued: vehicle certificate, chassis certificate, national unified vehicle invoice, environmental protection certificate, vehicle one-time certificate, national duty-free application form, vehicle tools, vehicle quality assurance manual, national service site directory.Contact person: Manager Li Tel: 15897597789