Bayern dropped to third!Champions League odds update: Manchester City lead the race and the Reds move up to second

2022-07-29 0 By

All four matches in the first leg of this week’s Champions League quarter-final have been played out, with Manchester City scoring more points and beating Portugal sports 5-0 away.Paris beat Real Madrid 1-0 thanks to a last-minute winner from Kylian Mbappe, winning only by one goal and missing a penalty by Lionel Messi, but the gap between the two teams was clear to the fans who watched the match.Bayern failed to show the quality of one of the favourites against salzburg, who were several times weaker, but Ronald koeman saved a late equaliser.Inter did well in the league but were beaten 2-0 by Liverpool in the Champions League.So let’s take a look at the latest odds after four races.Paris fourth although only achieved a goal on the road, but the entire completed repression against real Madrid, Paris Paris his 21 shot blasting, eight shot is, in contrast, real Madrid only three shots, target is zero, more naaru horse didn’t sweat the whole, on the other side of Kurt tuva was charmed life, if not the mental clarity of her last moments,The highlight of the match was almost a save performance by the Belgian goalkeeper.Before the game, the majority of fans were still the favourites for Real Madrid, given his history and dominance in the league this season, but after this game, real fans clearly saw the gap between the two teams, and of course, they are more determined to bring in Mbappe.With casemiro and Mendy suspended in the second leg, Paris are clear favourites to progress.But compared with the following teams, Paris’s tactical style, content, integrity and oppression are obviously lacking.Bayern’s third in a 1-1 draw hard after salzburg, red bull, of the bayern legend to the team, led by lothar matthaus, criticized, Owen hargreaves, points out that this bayern team now is no longer one of the favourites to win the champions league, also promised and Alfonso Davis return would be better, but now the bayern did not compete for the championship level,It looks like Manchester City and Liverpool are way ahead.Back at home, bayern will have no problem advancing to the next round, but what about their next opponents?Bayern have no problems with their main line-up, but the depth of their squad has always been the lifeblood of the team, if the next round of draw, when the season is tight, just two or three key players injured, then Bayern will be in real trouble.Liverpool’s second away a 2-0 win over Liverpool to inter fans showed their squad depth under zero injuries, inter milan in the first half was once played very oppressive, or almost beyond, loose at the door, but failed to seize the opportunity, in the second half, at even make adjustments, keita, Henderson helped stabilize the team play in midfield,Goals followed the introduction of Firmino and the omnipotent Salah of the season scored his second.Liverpool are the only two teams to have won consecutive matches in the Champions League so far this season, the other being Ajax.After all, in the past several seasons, as long as they are not out of the situation, they are sitting at the top of the odds of the Champions League, in terms of integrity, pressure, possession rate, depth of the squad, Manchester City is undoubtedly the first in Europe, as long as Guardiola in the Champions League do not experiment again.Champions League odds update:Manchester City 3.25 Liverpool 5.0 Bayern 5.5 Paris 8.0 Chelsea 8.5 Ajax 15.0 Manchester United 17.0 Juve 26.0 Real Madrid 26.0 Atletico Madrid 41.0 Lille 201.0 Red Bull Salzburg 201.0 Villarreal201.0 Benfica 251.0 Inter 501.0