Dezhou: there are 11 listed enterprises and 11 industrial enterprises with tax payment over 100 million yuan

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On April 1, dezhou Municipal Government information Office held the third of a series of press conferences with the theme of “Leading the way and striving for the top”, focusing on “accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry with all efforts”.Dezhou city bureau of industry and party secretary, director of zhuhai hong-chang sun introduced focusing on seven advanced manufacturing industry, strengthen the real chain length, to speed up the relevant situations of the development of advanced manufacturing industry, the city’s party member and deputy director of the bureau, news spokesman Tian Ruyong Chen Tingbing, director of the city of new industrialization promotion center city construction to attend conferences and answer questions.Reporters learned at the press conference that Zhuhai comprehensively promoted the construction of a strong city with advanced manufacturing industry and achieved remarkable results in industrial and economic development.In terms of the enterprises, the city has 11 listed enterprises, the national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises (products), eight provinces manufacturing single champion (products), 36, national specialization, new “little giant” 14 provinces gazelle 38 enterprises, provincial manufacturing innovation center 2, 7 provincial “one enterprise technology” research and development center,There are 160 provincial-level “specialized, specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, and 11 industrial enterprises in the city that have paid more than 100 million yuan in tax.Laigang Yongfeng’s revenue broke through 30 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 35.3 billion yuan;Hualu Hengsheng’s revenue broke through 20 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 26.7 billion yuan;Jinneng Technology’s revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 10.7 billion yuan.In terms of industrial agglomeration, the city after years of construction and to cultivate, formed a group of distinctive in the approval of the provincial industrial cluster, including laoling sports industry cluster and condiment industry cluster, yucheng city biological industry cluster, qihe high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing industry cluster, the open area of a new generation of information technology industry cluster, etc.Regional brand construction has achieved initial results, the city has owned a number of national brands such as the pilot city of national industry and finance cooperation, the national Biological industry new industrialization Demonstration base and a large number of provincial industrial demonstration bases such as shandong Province new industrialization demonstration base and the provincial high-end equipment industrial park.Texas journal produced by the new media reporters | Mr. Yu edit | | xiao-hang zhang audit xiao-hang zhang final | Zhu Daijun statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: