Fujian Rongneng Group: Fuzhou Changle Yutian 110 kV Substation No. 2 main transformer expansion project

2022-07-29 0 By

At 5:27 p.m., March 16, Fuzhou Changle Yutian 110 kV substation No. 2 main transformer No. 2 ground transformer station with variable belt load impact completed and successfully connected, so far, the main transformer expansion project officially put into operation.This is another 110 kV project completed by multiple independent construction teams of Yili Engineering Company affiliated to Fujian Rongneng Electric Industry Group Co., LTD.Fuzhou Changle Yutian 110 kV substation is located in Yutian Village, Yutian Town, this expansion mainly includes adding one 50MVA main transformer, building the main transformer neutral point equipment, improving the relevant interval, adding 21 sides of switch cabinet, 12 circuits of 10 kV outlet, etc.The construction period is short and the task is heavy, which requires the cooperation of multiple teams and majors.In order to complete all operations within the production node, the company’s front-line production workers are all resident for construction and do epidemic prevention work at the same time.During the blackout construction period coincides with the “reverse cold”, continuous low temperature and rainy weather brings great inconvenience to outdoor construction, so that the progress of the project is affected.In the later period, the operation staff braved the wind and cold, overcame numerous difficulties, competed against time and progress with god, and smoothly promoted the whole project.Successively with the operator in sending on the same day, for four hours, completed the 110 kv, 10 kv bus and have since the vote before fire welding work, the field operations staff, maintenance personnel and construction personnel, when confirmed many times for this new equipment to take the load test, the evening of 16 at 5 o ‘clock 27 points load running smoothly.The successful operation of No. 2 main transformer will effectively relieve the summer peak power consumption pressure of Changle District, further improve the reliability of power supply of the power grid, solve the problem of single main transformer operation in the past, greatly optimize the power supply network, and provide a strong guarantee for the economic construction and development of the new district.Source: southeast Net