It will be sunny and rainy next week. It will be cloudy in Shanghai today with a maximum of 5 degrees

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Shanghai Weather Network Map Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory will release the weather forecast for Shanghai today and tomorrow at 5 o ‘clock on February 20, 2022: cloudy.Northerly wind force 4-5 gusts force 6, 5 gusts force 6-7 in coastal areas along the River, to force 4-5 this afternoon, gusts force 6 in coastal areas along the river, northeast wind force 3-4 tomorrow.A high of 5 degrees today, a low of 0 degrees tomorrow, minus 3 to minus 1 degrees in the suburbs, with thin or frozen ice.The relative humidity today is 40-85%.Weather index: grade 4, inflammable.Judging from the present weather situation, it will be sunny and rainy next week.On Monday, sunshine continued to appear and radiation cooling was obvious, with the lowest temperature dropping to near freezing point in the morning.Tuesday and Wednesday interspersed with rain line, are mainly light rain.In the late zhou, the cold air force weakened, and the sunshine appeared higher, and was expected to warm all the way, the daily maximum temperature could reach 15℃.It is appropriate to wash and bask in the sun. We should pay attention to the temperature difference between day and night, and keep warm in the morning and evening.