Lock up!Shanxi Linfen a female anchor by two men extortion, privacy video, forced sex?The case is tortuous and is being further tried

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In order to get back the money spent on the woman (Douyin anchor) and the bride price of the wedding, the man colluded with others and invited the woman to meet with him through the Douyin platform, and took a private video and other means to blackmail the woman.February 2 23 xu, year 2, Yaodu district public security bureau Interpol three squadron received a woman Sun mou report to the police said, its by Dong mou shot privacy video, forced to have a relationship, and forced to sign an agreement.After receiving the alarm, the police quickly carried out investigation, and arrested the suspects dong And Bao on February 3. The two men confessed to the crime of extortion and rape.As, in January of this year, the criminal suspect Dong Mou one because of dissatisfaction with the sun during the meeting and cost nearly 300000 yuan fee and the cost of the wedding, and his friend package so-and-so to discuss, by the package so-and-so sun trill friends, reward methods such as sun come out and about in a studio, filmed video privacy threatening to return the cost during the marriage and the dowry.On the evening of February 2, the package and Sun meet in a hotel, Dong received a package of information, rushed into the room to take two privacy video.After package xx left, Dong mou took violent means to have relations with Sun mou, forcing Sun mou to sign a marriage certificate or return 158,000 yuan dowry agreement.At present, two men suspected of rape, extortion crime has been yaodu District public Security Bureau criminal detention, the case is still in further trial.Source: Sanjin Toutiao