No reason for that

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There is no excuse for wanting to achieve something if you don’t want to do it.Unless you steal it!Everything is dry, not falling from the sky.Don’t just think, act.You have no hope until you put your best foot forward.Some people don’t give, just wait, that is wishful thinking.You think, what does not work it can produce fruit, that is not nonsense.It is also true that some people love to daydream like this, always want to call the sky pie, that is not insane.All, it is labor to be able to obtain.You have to work hard, sweat and bleed.You have to put your blood and sweat into it, it will become a reality.We can’t imagine anything. It’s hopeless.Only when you dedicate yourself to your goal, can your achievements be brilliant.She cannot wander about in her own way.As long as you hold on to your ideal, you must pay all your strength, there is hope.To achieve it, we must fear no difficulties.Is that we pay life, also can not cherish, you will have results.Then your ideals can blossom.Isn’t that how many scientists get their reputations?What more do you want? You want to be great.Don’t want to make a little effort, you think things, so easy to come.If it were easy, it would be yours.Not yet, the early risers.And I’ll leave you this salted fish, still in bed.From ancient times to the present, everything comes from hardships.From your continuous efforts, endure hardship, maintain perseverance, courageously move forward, you can have certain achievements.To have the spirit of perseverance, think of constant dripping stone, iron pestle ground into a needle, maintain such perseverance.And a will that will never die.You may eventually become a useful person.That is to say, you have no reason to call yourself rich if you refuse to do so.Don’t do, just want to and say, is always castles in the air.(yu)